The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Dutta

the boy who loved

India’s one of the most loved fiction writer, Durjoy Datta, is back with his latest book The Boy Who Loved. Durjoy Datta’s last book “The Girl of My Dreams” was an instant hit among the contemporary readers. Durjoy Datta is surely looking forward to better his records with “The Boy Who Loved”. 

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Durjoy Datta was recently in Bale, enjoying his holidays after completing his new book “The Boy Who Loved”. Durjoy was accompanied by his lovely wife Avantika Mohan, who know owns a blog as well, read it here. Avantika Mohan is a fashion enthusiast and has commendable writing skills. All you girls, you now have a new Fashionista to follow!

More About The Boy Who Loved

As Durjoy mentioned in his Facebook post, the new book is a bittersweet story of everlasting love and familial ties. Durjoy mostly writes in Romance Genre but his latest book “The Girl of My Dreams” was a suspense thriller and with this book again being a Romantic Fiction, the real hardcore Durjoy fans are going to have a good summer.

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Review The Boy Who Loved

Durjoy released the cover of his new book in a Facebook post, and also shared the pre-order link, you can also order your copy here. This time there’s a surprise for everyone who pre-orders, every order comes with two postcards, one postcard will carry a message for the reader and the other postcard will come with Durjoy’s address, which can be actually be used by readers to write to their favourite author, Durjoy Datta.

 The Boy Who Loved

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Durjoy appeals his fans to be Pen Pals this summer, well call it a marketing strategy or see it as a genuine attempt to connect with readers but the trick has worked and The Boy Who Loved is already among the top 10 books on pre-order on

Well! We wish Durjoy Datta all the best for his upcoming book and the lovely kid, oh Yes! Did we tell you? Avantika Mohan is pregnant and Durjoy Datta–your favourite author–is soon going to be a father. Well! That definitely calls for a pre-order. Do it here.

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