Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife: The Trending Lady!

Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife: The face of his literary heroine. Everyone knows the popular romance writer who won millions of hearts with his words and his true to life love stories. But what about his own love story and the heroine of his life? The face behind all the romance... Read more »

Inspirational Life is what you make it quotes

Let’s admit, we all loved Preeti Shenoy‘s “Life is what you make it”; the story of a simple girl who fought all odds to be successful in life did leave us inspired and motivated. I personally, come back to this one book again and again because Life is What... Read more »

PRIYA KUMAR: An Acclaimed Motivational Author and Speaker

Priya Kumar. A motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, a radio jockey, a celebrity columnist and an author, Priya Kumar is a self-made successful woman who fits perfectly in each role she plays. A determined, hard-working woman, Priya Kumar is an inspiration in herself, who leads people out of their... Read more »
Savi sharma quotes

50 Savi Sharma Quotes to make you smile and give hope!

Savi Sharma is India’s latest literary obsession and also 6th most popular Indian author on social media; her books “Everyone has a story” and “This is not my story” have sold more than 1,00,000 copies each. Savi Sharma is now the idol of aspiring Indian authors. Her tryst with... Read more »
Our Story Needs No Filter

Our Story Needs No Filter: Book Review

Sudeep Nagarkar has authored eight books; he is India’s one of the most read contemporary authors. Sudeep Nagarkar enjoys an audience base that not only loves his work but also takes a very keen interest in his personal life. Sudeep recently got married to Jasmine and “Our Story Needs... Read more »
Forever is a lie

Forever is a lie by Novoneel Chakraborty: Book Review

Novoneel Chakraborty, author of popular Stranger Trilogy is now back with another book, Forever is a Lie. Novoneel announced the title of his new book on Facebook and pre-orders are expected to begin soon. The author wrote a book named “Black Suits You” after the grand success of Stranger... Read more »

These Novoneel Chakraborty Quotes will make you understand Love Better

Novoneel Chakraborty is a National Bestseller Author. Known for his Stranger Trilogy, Novoneel enjoys a loyal base of millennial audience. His books have a sense of mystery, romance, intimacy, enigma and uncertainty. We have assembled quotes from his varied books, that describes love and relationship in the best possible... Read more »