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Why market your book? In fact why market for anything? In the globalized world where the world has shrunk into your palms, why don’t people already know about you and your work, you would imagine. A certain publisher has decided to convert your dream into a hardcover, why is it still important to talk about your book? But why not? It is something one should be immensely proud of. Writing something, pushing it out into the world and then retreating into your wormhole is not something that works these days. 

Marketing is the keyword that separates the doers from the attempters. It lies at the heart of success in today’s world and age. It is an all-encompassing process starting from the introduction of the product, in our case a book to continuous promotion across multiple media through advertising, public relations, promotions, and sales. Without making a noise through appropriate marketing and targeting of the product to it’s intended audience, sales are not expected to pick up or even crash before making a splash. This is the publisher’s nightmare because nobody is in the business to make fringe profits or even losses and if you are a first-time author, you would not want to have the tag of a non-performing book attached to your labor of love and all for an avoidable cause, effective marketing of the book. 

Unless you have a publishing behemoth backing you, debutante or not, you would need to spend some time, money, sweat and blood once again on marketing your book just like you did when you penned it and then edited it and then proofread it a thousand times to say the least. Yes, writing a book can be a pretty tiresome business. It needs a lot of time, energy, patience and commitment. How would you feel if the book that you invested so much of yourself in, sinks without a trace much like a good Bollywood movie that nobody knew about because it did not create a buzz? You can’t bear to think of it and you shouldn’t let this happen too. 

The goal of any good marketing campaign ever is; it’s about engaging the public with the story that you have to tell, inspiring them enough to buy a copy and tell their friends about it, and letting the quality speak for itself. Even though the literary among you may shudder at the prospect of getting your hands dirty, getting down and about and actually getting into the task of promoting your work, let me tell you that in the age of social media where Kim Kardashians rule the world, getting noticed and followed will be the holy grail that will decide how long your book will live and how much it will make for you. Being bold and inventive will work to catapult you into the minds and shelves of the masses. 

For a debutante author, it is even more important to talk about yourself and your work to the multiple media channels available. Because what happens is that debutantes rarely do have a reader base and more importantly an established identity. Even a large publishing house would have to spend some moolah if they have to sell your book. They would need to set you up as the new hot favourite and if you are not privileged enough of someone switching on the spotlight for you, for example when you are self-publishing, you will have to do the work yourself. Even though publishing houses these days have special packages making the author’s life easier, doing your bit actually helps sales. 

My tips on this would be:

  1. Decide on what you can and can’t do and hire professional help.
  2. Chalk out the USP of the book. Highlight it everywhere.
  3. Make social media work for you.
  4. Broaden your media. Take the help of your contacts to create buzz in local newspapers, magazines, ezines, radio shows or even TV.
  5. Get involved with book clubs, community libraries, booksellers.
  6. Get creative, tenacious and dedicated in your marketing plan. Use contests, giveaways and donate your book to causes to gain coverage.
  7. Use all publicity you can find.
  8. Keep your name alive by continually writing freelance content in print and online media.

 In an age where you Instagram about that lemon tart even before you have probably even looked at it properly, you must realise the double-edged sword that social media is. It takes seconds to take your notice and is ruthless in making or breaking you. It is one of the easiest, cheapest, quickest and most effective way of getting noticed and self-promoting your book. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, google+, Goodreads, WhatsApp. You know about them all. 

Now that we have made it clear that marketing the book is simply something that cannot be done without, let’s talk about what you as the new entrant in the literary world can do to get noticed and sell more books. 

Book Marketing has evolved into a trade. And why not! To write is crazy,  and to promote is even crazier. We offer comprehensive book marketing solutions to all the authors. Experience professional book marketing with us and let your book create magic.

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This guest blog was written by Divya Ratan for Half Baked Beans.


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Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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About the Author: Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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