Varun Will Disrupt Education System with Grades Don’t Matter

grades don't matter

Grades Don’t Matter, All that Matter is You and Your Ideas!

“From failing in engineering to Co-Founding a Million Dollar Company,” “The Don’t Think, Just Do Guy” and “Young Gun who knows the Art of Start” are some of the headlines used to describe the talent and achievement of Varun Agarwal. Co-Founder of “Alma Mater” and author of the super awesome book “How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company”, Varun Agarwal has a career millennials dream about.

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grades don't matter

Varun Agarwal is one of us, he went to an engineering college, failed, tried starting up, kept his ideas on hold, completed engineering and pivoted. Alma Mater materialized when Varun Agarwal and his co-founder Rohan were getting drunk. The idea of making customized merchandise for every school and college in the country, today is a million dollar business. Check it out, here.


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Varun Agarwal’s Ink Talk, Don’t Think, Just Do, happens to be one of the most watched, loved and accepted talks in India. Varun used the stage impressively to inspire the millennial by retelling his story of how he fought with Society (Read Anu Aunty) and build the company of his dreams.

Varun Agarwal is back in news with his latest start-up “Grades Don’t Matter”; the preview of the start-up is imposing and awe-inspiring. In a Facebook Post, Varun Agarwal wrote

“We’ve been working on this for all almost 4 months and its finally going to be out in the next 20 days. 
#GradesDontMatter is an online alternative educational platform where influencers teach you skills and demystify careers for which you don’t need a mark sheet!
We have created over 300+ video lessons and over 30+ hours of alternative educational content. 
While most careers expect you to have good grades, you’ll be surprised to know there are more than 2000 career options for which you don’t need grades! We aim to balance that out.
Here’s to turning India into a skill-based society rather one based on just grades.”

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Varun Agarwal is one of the most popular Indian authors on social media

Varun Agarwal has always pressed the idea of doing something that interests you instead of doing something because everyone else is. While Varun Agarwal has requested millennials to wake up and follow their dreams but at the same time, he has advised young minds to refrain from dropping out of schools and colleges. Varun Agarwal understands the importance of Education and that is why he is bringing to the world a start-up that provides an alternative.

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A Preview of Grades Don’t Matter

This alternative of traditional education will help the younger generation take up courses, which introduces a new paradigm to success and career satisfaction. Grades Don’t Matter is designed to help students identify, discover, try and get successful in new domains of career.

 Eminent Personalities who will be spilling beans from their industries on Grades Don’t Matter

Amish Tripathi: India’s most loved and the highest selling author will be seen on Grades Don’t Matter spewing Gyan on How to Market your Book. Well! Apart from the great storytelling, marketing is something that has helped Amish Tripathi sell millions of book in an unorthodox fashion.

Biswapati Sarkar: We all know him as the guy who plays the character of Arnab Goswami with an uncanny resemblance in TVF Spoofs. Biswapati Sarkar is also the writer behind India’s most loved web series “TVF Pitchers”. Biswapati Sarkar will be giving “Creating a Web Series 101” on Grades Don’t Matter for free. Grades Don’t Matter app releases on 11th April.

Nitesh Tiwari: Probably the biggest name on the list, Nitesh Tiwari is the director of the blockbuster movie Dangal. Yes! Nitesh Tiwari is also the director who is directing a movie based on How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company by Varun Agarwal. Nitesh Tiwari will be giving away free knowledge on Movie Directions–no points for guessing.

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Ritesh Agarwal: Varun Agarwal is an entrepreneur and he wants all of us to follow our passion hence it is just impossible for him to not include hotshot entrepreneurs on his latest entrepreneurial venture. Ritesh Agarwal the founder of super successful OYO Rooms will join Grades Don’t Matter University to educate us on building a startup from scratch.

Raghu Dixit: This musical maestro will join Grades Don’t Matter not only to add music to the Free University but also to help newbies learn the nuances of being a “Musician in India”.

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The Engineering Anthem by Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal has always been vocal about his hate towards engineering, well we all have been, right? Varun has not only spoken about his hate towards engineering but turned it into a popular Anthem as well. Yes! Varun has voiced his opinion about Engineering in a video that is eye-opening, quirky and a hell lot of fun.

Grades Don’t Matter Review

Grades Don’t Matter has opened to a great start; students, parents, professionals and even old people from the remotest corners of the country are getting hooked on this alternative education platform. Grades Don’t Matter is being pushed as an educational platform contemporary India needs. The app already has 25,000 people on board and the number is bound to increase on daily basis given popular icons like Tanmay Bhat, Nilesh Tiwari, Terribly Tiny Tales and many others are talking about it on the web.

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Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

About the Author: Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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