Is Freelance Writing Career a good choice?

Writing careers are one of the most sought career options. A writing career allows you to be your boss, you can work when you feel like and you can also keep assistants to manage your job. Writers from the remotest corners of the world are known to enjoy the freedom of time and work. A successful freelance writing career is going to provide you with great traveling opportunities, you are going to be popular among your group and free of official bondages but will a writer career provide you a financially stable life?

Can you make enough money by taking up writing as a career? Yes, you can. I have been working as a full-time freelance writer for a year now. Till a year back, I was working as a part-time writer but since last year I am working as a full-time writer and my earnings have been really good.

To say the least and explain more, I want to let you know that I have made 10,000 Dollars in the last one year from Freelance Writing. I have been working very less and earning as well as any of my professional friend does.

Freelancing is fun but in the beginning, it is going to be tough, you will have to be consistent with efforts and persistent with your passion for making a successful freelance writing career.

Before you can start your freelance writing career online you need to know how to become a writer. More than ‘how’ you need to concentrate on ‘why?’ Once you are well versed with the nuances of a writing career you can go ahead with your efforts.

Here I am going to tell you how I started from scratch and made a Brand out of it. I will be sharing intricate details with you. Pay close attention and do not miss on to the exclusive tips in here. Read line by line, at times read in between lines and make sure that you are not missing on to the important tips while choosing a Client.

Start Slow: Do not make a blind decision. You need to keep your current job in order to keep the money coming in. It is going to take some time for your freelance writing career to take off. You will have to be patience. You will have to be smart at the same time.

Know where to find Jobs: There are hundreds of freelancing writing sites on the Internet. All of them are not worth your time. Most of them are providing really low paying jobs. You will have to stick with the top ones. Do not make an account on every site and spend time finding that dream freelance writing job of yours.

What to do at the beginning of your Freelance Writing Career?

 In the beginning, you may not be able to land up the most glamorous job but do not be sad about it. Start with low paying jobs and make a place for you.
Try to impress the client with an attractive bid. Remember, your proposal is your only chance to impress the client. The client is going to approach you only if he or she finds your proposal interesting. You will have to give everything to this proposal. Talk about your skills, relate your skills with the job client is providing with and do not forget to tell your client why you are simply the best freelance writer for the job?

Bid on the job posts with attractive proposals and low fees. Remember your motto here is to win clients and not to earn money. Money is going to follow once you have successfully established yourself as a writer. Keep the high paying jobs for future and for now concentrate on opportunities.

Don’t be scared, freelance writing jobs are never going to end. With the growing number of Internet business the writing jobs are only going to increase hence do not worry about money or opportunities. For now concentrate on your profile and build an impressive profile. You can see mine here. Thank you.

By now you must have developed an understanding about how to develop a successful freelance writing career? Now it is time for you to know where you can find high paying jobs. All these sites are going to provide you with high paying jobs but for now try to start small.

Why to go slow at the beginning of a Freelance Writing Career?

It is important for you to go slow at the beginning of your freelance writing career because of the following reasons:

    • You are new to the business, so start slow and try to understand the business in the beginning. Spend time learning about various types of writing. Spend time finding your niche, understand your potential talent and then look for clients offering you with an opportunity in the same domain.
    • Bigger Projects involve Bigger Risk: I am sure you are not looking forward to destroying your career before it takes off? Bigger and high paying projects are going to require a lot of skills. You need to well versed with Search Engine Optimization and CMS like WordPress and Start slow, look for projects that offer you with opportunities to grow and involve less risk.
    • Freelance writing career is not only about writing. There are going to be times when your client will ask you to optimize your articles, blogs and press releases. The client will also ask you to maintain proper keyword density and also include other essential ranking factors. With a less risky project, you will have time and opportunity to understand these things and grow as a freelance writer.

  •  Five-Star Rating: Ratings are important. Your feedback score is going to decide your future in the field of freelance writing. With low-risk projects, you will be able to perform better and impress your clients. Once you have acquired the requisite knowledge and experience about the freelance writing, you can try to scale and increase the workflow.

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Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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About the Author: Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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