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book marketing ideas

  Realizing Paperback Dreams in India was a distant dream for many until self-publishing houses popped up and changed the game forever. The contemporary publishing scene in India looks very promising and oddly satisfying—for writers like me. Book marketing ideas were merely bookish items until modern day publishing houses decided to ditch the traditional ways of selling book in stores and on railway stations. Many publishing startups are depending upon Social Media, Paid Reviews and Giveaway Contests for promoting books but are these book marketing ideas producing requisite results? How many people actually bought books after coming across Facebook Ads? How many readers are willing lose a giveaway contest only to buy it themselves in the end? Facebook ads are about Likes, Giveaway Contests are about Free Books and Paid Reviews are about Money.

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Having worked as a digital marketer and personal finance manager, I can tell you what actually works and what not! My experience with Internet Marketing and Personal Finance Management has taught me that book-marketing ideas should always concentrate on Brand Creation, which leads to sales.

 Some Book Marketing Ideas that are less popular but Efficient enough!

 Varied book marketing ideas are listed here in a series hence it is important for Authors to adopt ideas as they come in this blog.


 Are you visible on the Internet? No! I am certainly not talking about the number of likes you have on Facebook because that is a big LIE! Internet visibility is about search engine rankings. You cannot rank your Facebook Page and drive sales or turn yourself into a BRAND.

 A Website is no more a necessity but a compulsion.

Reviewers and bloggers are acquiring higher rankings in search engine results by writing reviews of your book, but you are nowhere to be seen on the real Internet? It is now time for you to take action and get there in the front and change the Game.
book marketing ideas

Affiliate Program:

 Not only bloggers and reviewers are acquiring the top search engine rankings but they are also MAKING MONEY out of your book, SOMETIMES MORE THAN YOU! Yes! Every time a reviewer sales a book, he or she earns a commission of 10%.

Amazon Affiliate Program is helping people make money by selling products manufactured by others.

 Authors can sign up for Amazon Affiliate program and earn a 10% commission on every book they sell through their site.

Note: The team at Word Pinnacle is committed to help Authors and upcoming Writers make money by promoting their Books immaculately. We can certainly help Authors join Amazon Affiliate Program and earn commission by selling their books. Contact us, here. We are on Facebook too.

Tip: If you decide to join affiliate program then you can earn 10% commission + 15% Royalty= 25% of MRP of your Book.

book marketing ideas

Search engine optimization:

 Now that you have a Website and an Amazon Affiliate Account in Place, it is time for you to drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic into Sales. Search Engine Optimization is a procedure that can help you drive traffic to your site from the Real Internet—read search engines—only to increase your income and build your BRAND side by side.

Search Engine Optimization is basically about the following: 

  • Creating Quality Content with Popular Keywords.
  • Maintaining proper keyword density.
  • Including relevant images.
  • Creating Backlinks.

If you have worked on your site’s SEO for a keyword “Romance” then anyone searching for romance books, romance novels or romance authors will be re-directed to your site! Isn’t that amazing? Don’t you want to increase your chances of being found by people who are actually looking for a Romance Author?

Don’t you want to see your name and site rank up instead of the reviewer or blogger’s site when somebody searches about you or your book? Do not lose out to these reviewers and bloggers; claim your money and fame because it is you who spent sleepless nights in writing that exquisite book.

book marketing ideas

 Pay Per Click:

 Running Facebook Ads is not one of the best book marketing ideas if the motto is to make sales happen because all Facebook Ads does is bring Likes, with which time turns into Dead Fans! Yes! Facebook Ads are not worthy when you are expecting sales.

Pay Per Click aka PPC is the best alternative to Facebook Ads because it caters to an audience that is already looking forward to buy a book instead of coaxing uninterested users into liking the ads. Pay Per Click ads are run with the help of Google. The task involves a series of steps but is the most effective and efficient book marketing tools.

Here’s how Pay Per Click Ad works: Consider you paid Google to run ads for “Romance Books”, hence every time a user searches Romance Books, he or she is shown an Ad of the book irrespective of the websites ranking higher in search results.

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With PPC ads the first thing the user will notice is your ad and since the user is already looking forward to buy a Romance Book, it is not difficult to make sales happen.

PPC helps you reach out to people who are actually looking forward to your Product!

 Note: As said earlier, the team at Word Pinnacle is experienced and well versed with SEO, Website Development, and Designing and PPC ads. We are here to help you create Ads that produces Efficient Results. Contact us today and we will setup a PPC ad for your book. Do not miss on to PPC ads because these are the most used Book Marketing Ideas in countries like United States and China.

book marketing ideas

  Facebook Live:

 Yes! Book marketing is not limited to Facebook Status and Tweets. Book marketing is not about telling the same 500 friends on daily basis about your book. Book marketing is about reaching out to new and interested people and letting them know about your Book. Facebook Status and Image ads are not worthy because of the varied obnoxious algorithms FB depends upon but Facebook Live is certainly a BOON.

Facebook Live allows Authors to reach out and introduce themselves to new people and readers. Go live and then promote your Live Session through Facebook Ads—now that’s an amazing composition—and experience one of the best book marketing ideas produce mind-blowing results for you as a Brand and your book as a Product.

Example: Ruchita Mishra recently went Live on Facebook and introduced her new book Someone to Love and then promoted the live session through ads, only to acquire 77,600 unique pairs of eyeballs.

P.S: Catch Ruchita Mishra’s introductory Facebook Live session, here.

book marketing ideas

 Amazon Reviews:

 With a website, SEO campaign and PPC ads in place, it is time for you to seek some reviews on Amazon. Ask professional book reviewers and friends to leave genuine Feedback on Amazon, because it really helps.

If you end up gathering 20 or more reviews within weeks of launch of your book then you can grab some real eyeballs. Amazon promotes book with most reviews through their newsletter and suggestion tab to people looking for a similar product.

Book Review: The Soul Charmer by Richa Saxena!

Note: We also review books; we do book marketing, cover designing and what not? When you decide to go ahead with our book review and marketing services be sure that we are going to put up genuine reviews on Amazon, Flipkart, Goodreads and on the first page of Google Search Results.

 Donate Books:

 From the very beginning of this post, we have talked about turning yourself into a Brand so that you do not have to do things from scratch, every time you release a new book. When you build a BRAND around you; you are letting people trust you and become loyal readers.

You can always do requisite SEO campaign, run PPC and Facebook Ads to increase sales but by donating books to Libraries, Old age home, Schools, Hospitals and Refugee Camps you can build a loyal readership. When you donate books to unknown people, you allow them to go online and search for you and every time they look for you on the REAL INTERNET—read search engines—you are going to benefit.

These are less time taking and inexpensive book marketing ideas; authors can do these things on their own without putting their publishers under a lot of pressure.

An Author who fails to do this much for marketing his or her book is not worthy of the fame because as Amish Tripathi says It’s a Fallacy to Think that a Good Book Sells itself”.

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Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.

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About the Author: Kushal Kumar

Along with 2 years of Freelance Experience, I am also into Blogging. My experience of working with top blogs have allowed me to exercise blogging paradigms to help businesses succeed.