Pocket Culture

Pocket Culture: How Good it is?

Pocket Culture a Book on Personal Finance by Satmeet Singh and Pranav Shree was released online on 1st April while the official launch was held on 6th May. Education Secretary of Bihar, Jitendra Srivastava, and District Magistrate of Vaishali, Rachana Patil, were the chief guests at the official launch... Read more »

Be HBB Book Marketed

Why market your book? In fact why market for anything? In the globalized world where the world has shrunk into your palms, why don’t people already know about you and your work, you would imagine. A certain publisher has decided to convert your dream into a hardcover, why is it still... Read more »
Bhawesh Agarwal

This Budding Shaiyar’s Work Will Soothe Your Broken Heart

Bhawesh Agarwal is a modern day youth, who believes in making the most of every opportunity that comes his way but he is also someone who takes a back seat and contemplates the meaning of life, love and happiness. His in-depth shaiyaris and poems will touch your heart and... Read more »
durjoy datta nonfiction

These Durjoy Datta Quotes Will Help You Get Through The Thing Called Life!

Durjoy Datta married to Avantika Mohan is India’s one of the highest selling authors. The contemporary generation finds his work relatable. Media reckoned Durjoy’s early work as Dark Humor, which led to his popularity. Durjoy wrote more than 10 books and a few TV serials in the last decade.... Read more »

LITWILD:This three days writing retreat will help you finish your pending writing projects

What is LITWILD? LITWILD is one of a kind retreat designed for rejuvenating and inspiring the artist in you. We take you to three days get away in a beautiful homestay at Munnar, Kerala. Participants get a chance to interact with like-minded people, seek inspiration from their surroundings, discuss... Read more »

Is Freelance Writing Career a good choice?

Writing careers are one of the most sought career options. A writing career allows you to be your boss, you can work when you feel like and you can also keep assistants to manage your job. Writers from the remotest corners of the world are known to enjoy the... Read more »

These Novoneel Chakraborty Quotes will make you understand Love Better

Novoneel Chakraborty is a National Bestseller Author. Known for his Stranger Trilogy, Novoneel enjoys a loyal base of millennial audience. His books have a sense of mystery, romance, intimacy, enigma and uncertainty. We have assembled quotes from his varied books, that describes love and relationship in the best possible... Read more »
our generation

This Girl’s Hard Hitting Poem will Make you Realise What Exactly is Wrong with “OUR GENERATION”

We all know, how we have fucked our lives just to relish our fetishes; we all have destroyed the layers of emotional ozone just to have that thrusting debauchery. We all have done to us what the worst demons couldn’t do! We all have done to ourselves, everything this... Read more »
will you still love me

This Short-Film Featuring Author Ravinder Singh Is a Must Watch

Ravinder Singh, the author who struck a chord with the audience after the release of his debut novel “I Too Had A Love Story” continues to write romantic novels. His work has brought him a lot of praise from Editors, News Agencies and other reputed institution. The Huge fan... Read more »
abhishek bathwal

This YouTuber May be the next big thing in the Vine Industry

Abhishek Bathwal, an engineer by profession is an actor at heart. Abhishek is new but not amateur to the world of Acting. Abhishek’s work is real, logical and very much tickling. His YouTube Channel is starting to pick up among the contemporary generation. Abhishek aims to deliver a quick funny... Read more »