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Word Pinnacle is no attempt but a strong step towards building one stop shop for Book Reviews, Author Mentorship, Literary Updates and Publishing Insights. The team behind Word Pinnacle writes one word at a time and considers it no less than a brick. We are indeed building an Exquisite Castle for everyone who loves to Read, Sniff, Stock and Discuss Books.

Word Pinnacle caters a unique user experience to every Bookworm. We tend to create an environment where the bookworms are not judged and only praised. Yes! All you bookworms can share your little literary crush with us through our Contact Us page and learn our little secrets in return.

Word Pinnacle is a much-needed step towards making reading more affordable, transparent and selective.  Book reviews, writing contest and writing suggestions are going to help readers make better choices and grow their writing skills simultaneously. Word Pinnacle is not here to challenge existing Book Reviewing platforms and portals but we are here to take the journey forward, improve shortcomings and help readers have a good time.

Pranav Shree: A Self-Published Author:

Pranav Shree Self-Published his first book in 2017. Pocket Culture was a Pocketbook; Pranav published the book, sold it on Amazon and Marketed it on his Own. Self-Publishing his first book helped him understand the nuances of publishing, you can read more on Self-Publishing, here. 

Pranav Shree is an expert Blogger who has also contributed to Anthologies. Hindustan Times once cited Pranav as “Perhaps the Youngest Blogger From The State”. Pranav Shree’s first book was self-published and it received mentions from varied National Dailies and Media Houses.

Pranav Shree Media Mention Self-Published Book
Dainik Bhaskar mentions Pranav Shree’s self-published book

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Pranav Shree Self-Published his pocketbook in 2017. Pranav decided to self-publish his book and learn the nuances of self-publishing to help newbies and aspiring authors. The Publishing Industry is littered with scams and cheap earning gimmicks. With Blogs and eBooks, Pranav aims to help authors and aspiring writers understand the Self-Publishing intricately. Pranav also writes on movies and web series at https://www.theterriblememe.com