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ZEE5’s The Sholay Girl Trailer: An action-packed story of hope in vintage Bollywood

The sholay girl zee5 trailer

ZEE has pushed the envelope with its OTT platform. By introducing binge-worthy shows like Rangbaaz and The Final Call, ZEE5 has changed the way millennials entertain themselves. I was recently taken aback when one of my friends showed me the trailer of ZEE5’s upcoming movie The Sholay Girl. The trailer not just puts an exceptional story of a stuntwoman under light but also coaxes us to think about a few things. This is perhaps one trailer everyone should watch before The Sholay Girl premieres on Women’s Day, 8th March.

The Trailer Break-up

You cannot fathom the hidden intricacies of the trailer with just one look; The Sholay Girl is a very layered work, and it requires a precise understanding of storytelling for someone to decipher the hidden emotions.

The Sholay Girl is the real-life story of Reshma Pathan, the first Indian Stunt Woman, who not only did stunts for Bollywood movies but often switched as the Body Double for leading stars in the industry.

The trailer starts with a scene from the greatest Indian movie, Sholay, where Hema Malini is seen riding a carriage, which loses its one wheel and ends up in the wreckage. Once the camera stops, we see a severely injured Reshma Pathan. Dialogue “Zakhm do tarah ke hote hai, ek wo jo bhar jate hai aur dusre wo jo insaan ko badal dalte hai” hints at what a strong narrative the movie is going to introduce us to.

The very next scene takes us down the timeline, where we could see Reshma Pathan and her family stuck in the riot-ridden environment, where Reshma stands up to the cop and tells him not to raise his hands on her mother. This one scene sets the tone and showcases immense promise of “The Sholay Girl” being one of the most popular movies on women.

What follows next is a series of scenes, where we can see Reshma Pathan jumping around scooters and doing exemplary stunts with great ease. Bollywood finally reckons the potential of Reshma and contacts her father, who refuses to accept any offer and tells Reshma to forget acting to which Reshma responds with a strong “apun jo ghar se chala gaya na, ye jo 4-8 aane aate hai ghar mei wo bhi band ho jaega”.

Reshma’s father is adamant and wants her to concentrate on other work instead of following her dreams of making it big in the industry. Then it cuts to her father who can be seen beating her with an aim to damage her hands. The next scene showcases the harsh reality of the society, where a man accuses Reshma of being involved in white slavery, and Reshma hits back with “apun stuntman hun, stuntman ka dhandha karta hai”.

Then starts the incomparable journey of Reshma Pathan in Bollywood. We can see a fierce and unfearful Reshma Pathan willing to go through the fire, do high jumps, take life taking risks just to live her dream life in Bollywood.

The Sholay Girl is packed with talented actors.

Bidita Bag, the lead actress, has worked in various movies and has proved her mettle. This time, expectations from her are sky high because of the exceptional trailer we just looked at. As much as I want to talk about the other cast in the trailer, Bidita Bag’s performance was so good that I’ll let go of it.

The Sholay Girl will make all of us Nostalgic with references to Vintage Cinema.

Reference to vintage Bollywood movies are tightly packed in the trailer, we can see stints from Sholay, and also a lot of popular scenes like heroine running out of the fire, escaping sites that are being bombed, breaking through glasses, jumping across the aisle and doing a lot of other risky things, things that make The Sholay Girl ooze with the vintage Bollywood essence.

The Sholay Girl tells us problems are not the end of our lives, they are just the beginning of something great. The highly inspiring story of Reshma Pathan neatly packed in ZEE5’s The Sholay Girl has Bidita Bag, playing Bollywood’s first stunt woman.

The Sholay Girl is a kind of movie that will help the contemporary society break the thought barriers and give women all the credit they deserve and not just dismiss their achievements just by saying “she got promoted because she is a woman”. The movie will break stereotypes and introduce a very fresh perspective, making it a perfect watch for this Women’s Day.

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