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Yashaswini R Dayama: The New Queen of Web Series

Yashaswini R Dayama

Yashaswini R Dayama the cute bubbly girl who first appeared in movie Dear Zindagi, which had mega star Shahrukh Khan and millennial star Alia Bhatt is now becoming the new face of Web Series in India. Yashaswini R Dayama role in the movie Dear Zindagi was limited to supporting but the short stint on the silver was good enough to make people come home and Google about her.

Yashaswini R Dayama was only introduced to the audience through movie Dear Zindagi but her debut happened way before it. Yashaswini R Dayama debuted in Pawan Kripalani’s movie Phobia. The movie didn’t do well on the box office but gathered impressive reviews from the critics. Phobia also had popular faces like Radhika Apte.

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Yashaswini R Dayama

Yashaswini R Dayama: Education, Career, TV Commercials and Silver Screen

Yashaswini R Dayama went to St. Xavier’s, Mumbai for graduation. Yashaswini was noticed by casting directors of Dear Zindagi and Phobia through the TV commercials she had done during college days.

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In an interview,  Yashaswini R Dayama revealed that she was always the shy kid and had never been a part of any drama classes. Her attraction towards acting only grew after college, when started doing TV commercials.

Yashaswini also adds that she has grown fond of Alia Bhatt after she worked with her in Dear Zindagi. Yashaswini is now playing a role of a bubbly girl “Ray” in the web series Adulting by Dice Media running on YouTube. The web series is about two girls living in Mumbai, away from their homes and trying to become the perfect adult. The two girls face problems like running out of cash during the month end, finding the perfect house in Mumbai and getting away from the bitchy neighbors. The show is growing popular among the masses. The first episode has already crossed the reputed 1 Million Views mark.

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It is the second episode of Adulting, where Yashaswini’s impressive acting skills are at display. This girl is going to take the entire web series industry by storm and crave a niche for herself. Keep your eyes on her.

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