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“When Opposites Meet” Quotes Will Mend Your Broken Heart

When Opposites Meet Quotes will make you stop for a bit and stare at the wall. The author has successfully portrayed everything we experience in modern-day relationships exquisitely through these When Opposites Meet Quotes.

Sachin Garg needs no introduction, he has authored popular books like “I am not Twenty Four” and “We Need a Revolution”. Sachin Garg is 21st most popular Indian author on social media. Sachin is one of those authors that have played a crucial role in shaping the future of publishing in India.

When Opposites Meet Quotes

when opposites meet quotes

It would have been nice to have someone who can stand next to you without any questions, sometimes even when you are wrong, who doesn’t ask the “buts” and the “ifs”, and just supports you in whatever you do, But to get that, one also
has to give the same. And to give the same, you need to love the person with the same completeness. And now that is something you cannot make yourself do. It is something which either happens or it does not.

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when opposites meet quotes

What I believe is that Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.

when opposites meet quotes

I mean Love is expressed in the way you let me pick the place to go to, the way you message me during work because you’re thinking about me, the way you’re worried if I’ll be able to jump over that puddle or not.

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when opposites meet quotes

Sometimes we love too hard and too fast. Sometimes we love too slow and too fast. Love, like salt in dal, has to be just the right amount.

when opposites meet quotes

Sometimes someone who himself loves softly needs someone who loves him hard. Sometimes a woman needs to be loved hard on three days a week but softly on the other four days. And nobody knows which day is which. Not even She!

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when opposites meet quotes

Sometimes you give your all to someone who doesn’t value it. Sometimes you pour your heart out for someone but there’s no appreciation from the other side. You act like a never-ending well of feeling, who does not know how to stop loving and giving, and it turns out to be fatal for you only because the ability to love deeply comes with the shortcoming of being hurt deeply as well.

when opposites meet quotes

I mean people worry about robots and artificial intelligence taking over. But what I worry about is a time when robots will quit their jobs to pursue their dreams to become writers or musicians.

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when opposites meet quotes

I’ve always wondered why truth is a singular word. It should be in the plural. Every incident has multiple truths in today’s world.

when opposites meet quotes

When you date in your early twenties, you date the person. You meet, you do haha-heehee and you go home. But dating at my age becomes different game altogether. You don’t just date people. You date their history, their accumulated baggage, their stretch marks and the smell of medicines.

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when opposites meet quotes

Some guys have a certain degree of insecurity. They believe that they are entitled to some things just because, according to some messed-up criteria in their head, they are superior to someone.

Sachin Garg is India’s 21st most popular Indian author, who all else are in the list

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