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What makes Vijay Devarakonda a hit among fans?

Vijay Devarakonda

Vijay Devarakonda is no new name when it comes to South India. With back to back hits in Telugu and a fantastic Tamil debut with NOTA, he has cemented himself as an actor to watch out for. Recently, he even made waves in North India after Janhvi Kapoor mentioned Vijay Devarakonda in Koffee with Karan. Since then, many girls have been crushing over his suave looks. To add a feature to his already illustrious cap, he was added in Forbes’s list of 30 Under 30 List some time back, making him the only Telugu actor to be in the list.

But the question is – what makes the Taxiwaala lead so popular across different states of India. What’s the secret behind his magnetic aura. That’s exactly what we try to decode in this article. So, read on to decipher the appeal of Vijay Deverakonda.

Screen Presence: The Rowdy star, as he is lovingly called by his fans, has been successful in maintaining a distinguished raw screen presence that made him what he is today. His desire towards choosing diverse roles has helped him redefine his screen presence over the years. He is energetic, funny and is infused with massy elements that makes him perfect for any youngster to follow. Of late, In movies like Taxiwaala and Nota, the actor also tried to pull off some good massy sequences.

Choice of Roles: Like we said earlier one of the major reason for his impeccable screen presence is his hunger for trying out different roles. Right from a Chef who finds his love at a Pelli Choopulu to a Taxiwaala who rides a haunted cab, he has played it all. He even changed his chocolate boy look to a more manly rowdy one, resulting in more success. However, his portrayal of Arjun Reddy, a surgeon who cannot cope up with heartbreak, is arguably his best performance.

Image In real life: He has this cool, funny, easy going real-life personality, which contradicts his otherwise raw frowny on-screen image. You can see him shine with energy in interviews and press meets. The energy he passes on to his fans during the fan meetups is infectious. He even used his badass image to start up his own clothing brand ‘Rowdy’. A humble attitude like his can only take an actor to one way, upward.

His connection with fans: No matter how hard we try to deny it, the major reason for his success in the industry is his unmatchable love for his fans. Unlike some celebrities who only show it in words, Vijay is one actor who has been showing it in action time and again. Vijay Devarkonda once sent three trucks of ice cream to his fans to help them beat the heat of summer. His ‘Fans come first’ attitude in life has set the benchmark way too high for other actors. This feeling is mutual from both the end. His recent movie, Taxiwaala, got some unbelievable response an amazing response from his fans and critics.

All these things helped him become one of the most loved actors in Tollywood. With the caliber to pull off any tedious roles in movies, Vijay Devarakonda is here to stay and rule not only the film industry but also the hearts of millions. What do you think about him? Are you a hard-core Vijay Devarakonda fan? Did you watch Vijay Devarakonda’s latest movie Taxiwaala? Let me know in the comments.

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