Tuhin A. Sinha: Successful Author and an Aspiring Politician

Tuhin A. Sinha


Tuhin A. Sinha is one of the most industrious Indian writers. Tuhin has to his claim not just few of the best-selling books and columns in leading national print newspapers but also the entertaining sagas of the daily television soaps.

Author Website: tuhin.in

Tuhin A. Sinha

Born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Tuhin A. Sinha completed his schooling from Loyola School, Jamshedpur and did B.Com (Honours) from Hindu College, New Delhi. Furthering his education, Tuhin A. Sinha did Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Communications Management from National Institute of Advertising, Delhi.

Tuhin A. Sinha’s Debut Novel: Tuhin A. Sinha officially stepped into writing industry with the publishing of his first novel That Thing Called Love, released on September 25, 2006. The novel’s plot is set up in the backdrop of Mumbai monsoons and reflects on the dark side of interpersonal relationships. That Thing Called Love became a hit with the readers and has sold over 1,00,000 copies.

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The Captain alias 22 Yards: Tuhin A. Sinha’s second book, 22 Yards, though had entirely a different plot, followed the first one’s footprints and sold like hot cakes. Covering a life journey of a fictitious Indian Cricket Team Captain, 22 Yards is one of its kinds book and was published by Westland publishers in 2008. Later, 22 Yards was republished by Rupa Publishers in 2011 under a different name, The Captain.

Both of Tuhin’s first two books, That Thing Called Love and The Captain were published in Hindi and Bengali too to cater a wider readership.

Tuhin A. Sinha

Of Love and Politics: After a reflection on relationships and a Cricket Thriller, Tuhin A. Sinha came up with another surprise for his fans bringing a play of inter-personal relationships in political alliances in his next novel Of Love and Politics.

Of Love and Politics was released in 2010 at New Delhi by the known politician Ravi Shankar Prasad and TV journalist Bhupendra Chaubey.

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The Edge of Desire: In May 2012, Tuhin A. Sinha came up with his next novel The Edge of Desire, which was widely appreciated and soon became a best seller. With a touch of inspiration from Mahabharata, the story revolves around a rape victim who goes on to become a politician and has to make difficult choices struggling with conflicting sides of her personality.

The novel’s main characters Shruti Ranjan and Sharad Malviya became famous among the readers and were discussed passionately all over the net.

The Edge of Power: The success and fame of The Edge of Desire probably motivated Tuhin A. Sinha to bring out its sequel and thence was born The Edge of Power in 2013. Released at the Taj Literature Festival in Agra, The Edge of Power received excellent reviews from the readers and was published by Hachette India just like the first one in The Edge series.

Tuhin A. Sinha

Daddy, The Birth of a Father: We all come across so many books on motherhood in any and at every bookstore. However, not much or at least not enough has been spoken or written about fatherhood. Meeting the same need, Tuhin A. Sinha authored a book called Daddy in 2014 which not only spelled out the much less talked about emotions of a father but also provided some refreshing and handy insights for fathers to help them raise their kids in a secure, happy and healthy environment.

Daddy: The Birth of a Father got Tuhin’s way a lot of appreciation and accolades from many readers including both men and women.

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Let The Reason Be Love: Then came another romantic novel Let The Reason Be Love. The book explores the mystery called love and echoes that if we go on looking for reason behind why people fall in love and end up doing eeriest of the things like missing their own weddings, we will never really find one as the reason is none other than love itself… so Let The Reason Be Love.

India Aspires: Besides, the above-mentioned books which were his own, Tuhin A. Sinha co-authored a book, titled India Aspires, with Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road, Transport, Highways, and Shipping. India Aspires sheds light on various innovative ideas which can be incorporated to develop India and improve the country’s economy.

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Tuhin A. Sinha, A Screenwriter: Even before Tuhin A. Sinha started writing books, he was working on stories for Television serials. He has written scripts for many serials and has also co-authored script of one of the most popular TV soaps, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Other than that, few of the other popular serials Tuhin A. Sinha has scripted or co-scripted are Koi Dil Mein Hai, Pyar Ki Kashti Mein, Dekho Magar Pyar Se, Waqt Batayega Kaun Apna Kaun Paraya and Afsar Bitiya.

Also, a tele-film titled Phir Se was based on a story written by Tuhin A. Sharma. Premiered on Sahara One, Phir Se won the RAPA Award for the best tele-film in 2005.

Tuhin A. Sinha

Tuhin A. Sinha, An Actor: Tuhin also wears a hat of an actor; having acted in a few TV serials and a promotional music video shot for his first novel That Thing Called Love.

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Tuhin A. Sinha, Apart From Being An Author: Apart from writing scripts and books Tuhin has also been a creative consultant and content head with Reliance Broadcast Private Limited.

Besides, Tuhin launched an NGO called Ignited India Foundation in 2016.

Also, the author has a history of collaboration with the current BJP Government for various developmental initiatives and was made BJP’s spokesperson for Mumbai Unit last year.

WP’s Conclusion: Today, Tuhin A. Sinha is one of the most prolific Indian authors, a much-in-demand scriptwriter, a renowned columnist, an outspoken commentator, a political spokesperson and a dedicated family man.

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Wearing such colourful hats, the hues of which he has been revealing one by one to his followers, Tuhin is quite capable of throwing yet another surprise our way as we wait in anticipation.

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