THREE SHADES OF THRILL: Novoneel Chakraborty Boxed Set

Three shades of thrill

The Bestselling Stranger is how we refer to Novoneel Chakraborty, who lately has proved himself as the God of Twists and Infidelity. Novoneel is not someone who believes in debauchery and infidelity but his stories have a good amount of the two mixed in it. Recent book releases like Cheater and Forever Series have focused on contemporary relationships and revealed some really dark secrets. Read quotes from Cheaters and Forever Series to develop an intricate understanding of how modern-day relationships work.

Novoneel is one of the most popular Indian authors on social media

Blurb of the Box Set:

In Bollywood’s biggest casting coup, five top actors are signed up for a movie. As their intertwined personal stories take centre stage, the industry’s underbelly is left exposed for everyone to see.

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Neel quit his boring job to cater to his passion for writing. Nivrita, his editor, claims to be his former girlfriend but Neel remembers nothing about this attractive temptress. It is not long before he finds himself floating between dreams and reality, losing his own identity.

This Open Letter by a Fan to Novoneel Chakraborty is Pure Gold

Kiyan Roy is the reclusive author of a bestselling erotica trilogy. His public appearances invite all sorts of attention, from one fan in particular. Followed and seduced by a mysterious girl, Kiyan gets sucked deeper and deeper into a dark and twisted love affair until he is forced to surrender. Is it too late for him to rectify his mistakes?

Cover of the Three Shades of Thrill Box Set

Three shades of thrill

The book is already on pre-order, get it here.

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