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The Boy with a Broken Heart: Book Review

the boy with a broken dream

Durjoy Datta’s The Boy Who Loved made a lot of us cry; there are reviews and testimonials on Amazon that proves this book to be Durjoy’s best work. The Author has been continuously trying varied genres and it shows in his writing. The Boy Who Loved is different from all the romcom Durjoy wrote all these years; this one book redefines him as an author. The Boy with a Broken Heart is a sequel to The Boy Who Loved.

The Boy Who Loved garnered a huge number of Amazon reviews because of the great marketing is done by the Author. Durjoy encouraged his readers to put up a review and help him make this book become a hit. The boy who loved is not the book we all need but the book we all deserve. The intricate emotions and the exceptional storytelling are the unique selling proportions of this book.

The announcement related to The Boy With a Broken Heart was made by Durjoy on Instagram. Though blurb of the book and pre-order link is yet to be made available but people have started talking about it already. The exceptional storyline and abrupt but the ending of the first book has made everyone restless, everyone wants to get through the story as soon as possible and see how cruel the world can be to teenagers.

Cover of The Boy with a Broken Heart:

the boy with a broken heart

Blurb of the book ‘The Boy with a Broken Dream Heart’:

It’s been two years since Raghu left his first love, Brahmi, on the edge of the roof one fateful night. He couldn’t save her; he couldn’t be with her. Having lost everything, Raghu now wants to stay hidden from the world. 
However, the annoyingly persistent Advaita finds his elusiveness very attractive. And the more he ignores her, the more she’s drawn to him till she bulldozes her way into an unlikely friendship. 
What attracts at first, begins to grate. Advaita can’t help but want to know what Raghu has left behind, what he’s hiding, and who broke his heart. She wants to love him back to life, but for that she needs to know what wrecked him in the first place. 
After all, the antidote to heartache is love.

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