Five Inspirational Ted Talks for Writers

ted talks for writers

Ted talks are so popular among the millennial because of the quality and informative content they deliver. Quora and Ted Talks are some of the best ways to improve your knowledge about almost everything in less than 18 mins. Yes! Ted Talks generally last for 18 minutes.

Ted talks are certainly not only about stories and information but also about inspiration and motivation. Ted talks have helped hundreds of people from around the world reckon their callings; millions of people watch thousands of ted talks every month because it caters to their inner soul; ted talks rejuvenates lost hopes, nourishes amateur dreams and inspires to achieve greater feats in life.

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Ted talks for writers essentially caters to a special human creed; every human who hates social belonging but also craves for outings; Yes! We are talking about writers, the imaginative creed. Writers play an equally important role in shaping the world; through stories, self-help books and journals; writers have given emotions, feeling and zeal a language.

While we are talking about ted talks for writers, it would be fair to list some of the most inspirational ted talks for writers:


  1.  The story of Mystery Telling by Julian Friedmann:

Julian Friedmann has worked with writers for 40 years and has seen them create some of the breathtaking stories; he has also seen 99% of people fail at Story Telling. In this talk, which happens to be one of the best ted talks for writers, he discloses that Storytelling is about Audience; a storyteller that focuses on Audience will tell a better tale. All you writers, this talk by Julian Friedmann is a Quarry of story telling secrets, make the most out of it.

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2. Writing is the only Magic I still believe in by Jarred McGinnis:

A writer born in America but living in London, Jarred has a different notion for writing; he do not consider writing to a life changing phenomenon, he considers writing to be a magic, that can produce things out of thin air. His exemplary explaining skills are at best in this talk, which makes it one of the best ted talks for writers. Keep calm and learn the power of words.

3. Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert:

Writers have always been considered Genius and exceptional art has always been an expectation. While it is not the work these authors do that makes them Genius but it is the Genius Them that makes their work GREAT. This is certainly one of the most inspirational Ted Talks for Writers because it helps them combat the inner fear and allows them to present their art in the public domain.

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4. The Technology of Story Telling by Joe Sabia:

Joe Sabia makes an exceptionally amazing remark on the 6000 years old journey of Story Telling; Joe Sabia tells us, how we have come a long a way from ‘depicting hunting on cave walls’ to ‘depicting Shakespeare on Facebook walls’. This is certainly one of the most hilarious Ted Talks for Writers in terms of humor, information and motivation. The innovative journey of Story Telling just might give you a hint, you are actually looking for.

5. The Politics of Fiction by Elif Shafak:

Through this exceptional and inspirational ted talks for writers, Elif Shafak tries to authenticate and validate the power of reading, writing and story telling. Elif’s attempt of vindicating the power of story telling gives hope to the writer in you, me and everyone else. Find out how Story Telling has changed the way world identifies things and people.

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Word Pinnacle is committed to help professional, amateur, serious and non-serious writers accomplish greater things by providing a platform to learn, write, publish and grow. These top ted talks for writers are great insight into writing, reading and story telling.

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