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Tanya Maniktala

Tanya Maniktala has not only got Rajoo hooked with her enchanting smile and unbearable innocence but us too. Playing the love interest of Rajoo on Web Series “Flames” by Timeliners, Tanya Maniktala can prove to be the next big thing.

Tanya’s growing popularity is quite visible on her Instagram account, in no time she has gained a whopping number of fans. With 48K followers, she is on her way to make it big.

Tanya Maniktala

A little more about Tanya Maniktala

Tanya Maniktala is a graduated from Motilal Nehru University, Delhi and has worked regularly in Theaters. As per the available information, FLAMES by Timeliners is her first web series. The growing popularity and impressive on-screen presence will surely make Tanya Maniktala a household name.

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Flames and Tanya Maniktala

In Flames–a web series by Timeliners–Tanya plays the role of a +2 Student preparing for entrance exams. Rajat, referred to as Rajoo, goes to the same Tuition, seeking classes for +2. While Rajat is from Maths Stream, Ishita (Tanya) happens to be from Bio Stream. The destiny introduces them and starts a story that is melting millions of heart.

Millennial are hooked on this series, which talks about school life romance. A lot of millennials are actually revisiting their good old school days through this awesome TV Series.

Tanya plays the role of Ishita, who happens to be a very sweet and innocent girl, she is a topper, sweet at heart and is up for making friends. The 4 episode series is a treat for everyone who has ever been in love during their school days. The cute romance, little fights and love for bunk will make you nostalgic.

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