Khali summoned after Author Vinit files a Lawsuit

The Great Khali is known for his unabated moves in the ring but outside the ring, he is being perceived as a cheater. Everything started when The Great Khali approached bestselling author Vinit K Bansal to write his biography. Vinit K Bansal is a banker from Jalandhar and has... Read more »
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These 40 Quotes from “Cheaters” a Book by Novoneel are Pure Gems

I just completed reading Cheaters by Novoneel and now I know why Novoneel Chakraborty is one of the most popular Indian authors. Novoneel Chakraborty is one of those rare authors who make you see a beautiful dream through his stories but leaves you with wariness in the end. Cheaters... Read more »
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20 Priya Kumar Quotes that will Awaken the Dreamer in You!

Priya Kumar is one of the most popular Indian authors. Priya Kumar has authored 8 best selling books, which includes of masterpieces like “The Calling” and “I Am Another You”. Priya Kumar Quotes is an exquisite collection of inspirational and motivational lines from her varied books. Priya Kumar constantly... Read more »

Keshav Aneel Quotes [Author of The One from The Stars]

Keshav Aneel quotes from his bestselling books are highly inspirational, shows the way forward and smells of optimism, just like his popular books. Keshav Aneel is a young and dynamic author of bestselling books like “Promise Me a Million Times” and “The One from The Stars”. Keshav Aneel has... Read more »

Forever is True Quotes will make you see relationships under a new light

Novoneel Chakraborty’s latest book “Forever is True” is the concluding book of the Forever Series. The first book, Forever is a Lie had struck a chord with the audience; the twists and gripping storytelling had made people crave for more and more. Forever is True adds to the dose... Read more »

A Hundred Little Flames by Preeti Shenoy: Book Review

Preeti Shenoy, India’s only Female Author in Top Selling List is all set to release her latest literary masterpiece, A Hundred Little Flames as claimed by her is a kind of book, she has never written before. A hundred little flames published by Westland Publishers will release on 11th... Read more »
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Ajay K Pandey: A loving husband, Humanitarian and a Bestseller

Not all writers turn to writing because of zeal or passion, some are coaxed into the art 0f writing by the misfortunes that occur to them. Ajay K Pandey is one such Bestselling Author, who turned to writing when he was low and in grave pain. Author Ajay K... Read more »
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Bhaavna Arora is a young Indian author of three best-selling fiction books, who made waves by addressing unorthodox subjects in her women oriented novels. Author Website: Bhaavna Arora’s Journey: Born in Jalandhar in a Military Hospital, Bhaavna Arora is the daughter of an Army Officer who kept hopping... Read more »
Tuhin A. Sinha

Tuhin A. Sinha: Successful Author and an Aspiring Politician

  Tuhin A. Sinha is one of the most industrious Indian writers. Tuhin has to his claim not just few of the best-selling books and columns in leading national print newspapers but also the entertaining sagas of the daily television soaps. Author Website: Born in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, Tuhin... Read more »

Be HBB Book Marketed

Why market your book? In fact why market for anything? In the globalized world where the world has shrunk into your palms, why don’t people already know about you and your work, you would imagine. A certain publisher has decided to convert your dream into a hardcover, why is it still... Read more »