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Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife: The Trending Lady!

Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife: The face of his literary heroine.

Sudeep Nagarkar's wife

Everyone knows the popular romance writer who won millions of hearts with his words and his true to life love stories. But what about his own love story and the heroine of his life? The face behind all the romance heroines he writes about. Yes, we are talking about Jasmine Sethi, born 30th October, a Delhite and also Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife. She is the woman behind this successful man; his partner through thick and thin, his better half and the woman he loves.

But that transition from Jasmine Sethi to becoming Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife took place over a time of three years within which this sweet couple managed to keep their long distance relationship not only alive but also thrive.

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Sudeep Nagarkar's Wife

Transition from Jasmine Sethi to Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife

Since Sudeep is from Mumbai, a Marathi and a Brahmin, while Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife is a typical Punjabi girl from Delhi, there was obviously a culture shock. Their relationship saw its ups and downs and it must have been hard to manage their time while ignoring how troublesome distance could be for a relationship. And yet they managed to overcome it, all for love.

Sudeep and Jasmine’s marriage took place on November 20th, 2016 in both Sikh and Marathi style. That was the day when his long-term girlfriend finally became Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife. That sets the inspiration for all long-distance couples who are trying to make it work.

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Book About Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife

It sounds like a fairytale love story. In fact, Sudeep even wrote a book about them. His book ‘All rights reserved for you’ is a culmination of this chapter of their lives. And apparently, it is Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife’s favourite book. As it should be. Who wouldn’t want a book dedicated to them? It still seems like Sudeep draws his book inspirations from the bond he shares with his wife. She is also the first person to read the drafts of his books.

Sudeep Nagarkar's wife

Current life of Sudeep Nagarkar’s Wife.

Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife, who was an engineer in Delhi is now accepting Mumbai as her home. She is recently trying her hand at entrepreneurship through building up her own brand and selling handmade crafts and other stuff. Her brand page on Instagram has all the essential details for ordering if you are interested. They ship all over India. Their range of inventories includes baby towels, Pizza Cutters, Jewellery boxes, special Diwali and Karvachauth accessories etc. DM them for the price details.

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Sudeep Nagarkar’s wife Jasmine, is currently living with her in-laws and Sudeep in Mumbai. While Sudeep recently got the icon of the year award, she was there to support him and stand by him, feeling proud. A woman that shares all your happiness with you and supports you in the toughest times is on you should always stand by.

All Books by Sudeep Nagarkar:

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