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Indian Author Sudeep Nagarkar Books, Biography, Marriage, Awards

Sudeep Nagarkar, the engineer turned author born on February 26, 1988, rules the world of Indian English Literature with 8 bestselling romantic novels to credit. Inspired by the real lives, Sudeep’s stories have a fascinating blend of true friendship, heartbreaks, love, trust, humor and various other life experiences Gen Y goes through.


A writer by chance not by choice, Sudeep Nagarkar’s first two books were based on his own life experience. In his early interviews, he openly stated that his lost love made him a writer. His debut book Few Things Left Unsaid was particularly based on his own love life that he lived in his college days. The second one That’s The Way We Met was a sequel to his first book. Undoubtedly, both of them became the bestsellers.

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Mastered in management, Sudeep Nagarkar quit his management job after the success of his second book to devote all of his time to writing.

It Started With A Friend Request: Sudeep Nagarkar’s third book It Started With A Friend Request was also inspired by the real life. In an Interview, he stated that it was a real story about his friends Akash and Aleesha who met accidentally and their relation blossomed. It Started With A friend Request turned out to be a bestseller, too. And Sudeep was awarded Young Achievers Award in 2013 for writing three back to back bestselling novels. It Started With A friend Request also became the most popular title on Amazon in 2013.

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Inspired by real lives, set in the contemporary time, composed with a subtle and even heart touching language, Sudeep Nagarkar’s books touch the hearts of Young Indian Readers. The stories are such, youth can relate them in the most realistic ways. And it was due to this prolific writing style of his that Sorry You’re Not My Type became a bestseller even before it was released.

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She Swiped Right Into My Heart was at #1 in Neilson’s Bestselling List for more than 10 consecutive weeks. In the book, Nagarkar has also talked about the intense topics like LGBT and feminism. The book carries with itself strong messages about LGBT rights along with other social messages.

Unique Covers And Swanky Titles: The titles and covers of Sudeep Nagarkar’s books are one of the most catchy and swanky amongst all the contemporary Indian writers. They just make the books unavoidable. He says that he keeps his titles like that because he is a believer of the first impression is the last impression. Nonetheless, no one can deny the fact that they stay true to the themes and plotlines of the stories. In an interview with The Telegraph, he confessed that it takes him and his editors around two months to decide on a title.

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Apart From Books: Sudeep Nagarkar is not only one of the highest selling romantic authors of Modern India but he also writes for Television. He has penned scripts for various Marathi T.V. shows. Sudeep develops concepts and stories for channels like Colors and Sony. His debut book Few Things Left Unsaid is being made into a Marathi movie, too. Inter alia Sudeep Nagarkar is also a motivational speaker and keeps giving guest lectures at various educational institutes of India.

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All Rights Reserved For You: Sudeep Nagarkar’s latest novel All Rights Reserved For You was released in December 2016. It is based on his own love story with his wife Jasmine. Speaking about his book in Nagpur he said that in All Rights Reserved For You, he has shared his three-year long distance relationship and all the difficulties that he and his girlfriend (now his wife, yes!) faced. Currently, Sudeep is on his Promotional tour for All Rights Reserved For You.

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Awards And Nominations: 

  • Youth Achievers Award in 2013
  • Nominated in Top 100 Influential Celebrities of India by Forbes in 2014

WP’s Conclusion: Sudeep Nagarkar is not only an influential writer but he carries an influential personality. He’s festooned with humility which makes him one of the writers who are very close to their readers. He treats his readers like a family. He responds to them eagerly. He reflects and works upon the positive critique. Sudeep is a pro-active social media user. And the Word Pinnacle team reckons that he is the kind of author, young Indian readers look forward to.

Our Love Needs No Filter: Sudeep Nagarkar’s ninth book “Our Love Needs No Filter” is a romantic book, that involves college politics, a male lover, who is obsessed with books and a female lead, who happens to be extremely beautiful. The twists and turns of destiny, college elections, and love for books bring them together and ties them in an unbreakable bond. Find out more, here.


Books by Sudeep Nagarkar:

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