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Shruti Sinha: Roadies| Age| Wiki |Life| Boyfriend| Work

shruti sinha

Shruti Sinha took the Indian TV industry by storm when she got selected in Roadies Xtreme for her electric dancing skills and incomparable strength. Shruti Sinha continues to do well on Roadies Journey; currently a part of Nikhil Chinappa’s gang, Shruti Sinha is on a roll and everyone seems to like her.

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While guys are busy crushing on her great looks the girls cannot stop themselves from admiring her flawless figure and exquisite dancing talent. Shruti Sinha has performed in Roadies Xtreme and validated that she is not only about pretty visage but also about talent, passion, zeal and strength. Nikhil Chinappa had no second thoughts when it came to selecting Shruti Sinha as one of his gang members, which yet again validates her passion for making it big in the industry.

Birthday: 28th March 1998

Profession: Professional Dancer| Choreographer| Actor

Dancing Styles: Kathak, Hip Hop, Belly Dancing, Jazz and Contemporary.

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Shruti Sinha back then Dance India Dance and Now Roadies

Shruti Sinha first appeared on Dance India Dance and made her name in the field of dancing. Gradually people started recognizing her and then Roadies Xtreme 2018 happened; today Shruti Sinha is being discussed in WhatsApp groups, College canteens, School Premises, Acting Schools and Production Companies. Shruti Sinha currently has few acting assignments in her satchel, which includes MTV’s Love on The Run.

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Shruti Sinha’s Journey on Roadies:

As mentioned, this girl made everyone admire her dancing skills, gang leaders Raftaar and Nikhil wished they could dance like her. Rannvijay Singha was in awe of her splits after the audience; this girl also showcased her strength by doing a few strength based tasks suggested by mentors during the audience, which sealed her place in Roadies Xtreme 2018. Shruti is quite popular on the show and is bound to go a long way.

In initial episodes, Shruti had a fair chance of performing and she has aced those chances by giving her best and winning a few tasks for herself and gang respectively.

shruti sinha

Shruti Sinha’s Popularity on Instagram

With more than 238k followers already on Instagram, there’s nothing that can stop Shruti from achieving a popularity status that is common or in reach of common people. Shruti with time will turn into a brand and have access to some of the best opportunities in the industry and we simply cannot wait to see this girl achieve what only a few have achieved.

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