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Word Pinnacle is a strategy that goes beyond revenue generation and customer acquisition. Be it an enterprise, individual reader or a newbie author, everyone gets to learn, educate and also empower. One can always talk, discuss and throw books with and at us. We at Word Pinnacle are not limited to reading and writing. We have expanded our horizons and are now catering to varied needs of an Author. We are one of those few brands that actually cares for the Authors of the modern world.

We provide authors in need with a platform to reach out and find audience that listens and understands their pain and effort. We provide authors with a podium to speak and be heard. We are not here to change things but to improve them. We are here to give readers and authors what they actually need but have no word for it!

Book Marketing: The contemporary publishing is jaded not because publishers are selfish but because Authors fail to maximize the potential of Social Media and Internet and create a brand out of themselves. Word Pinnacle does nothing other than filling the gap between you and your audience. We develop a bridge and leave it on your words to do the talking!

Cover Designing: Love the eloquent presentation of our site? You just might have found the designer for your Book. Yes! We also provide you with access to the best of Cover Designing services. We are here to cater to all your needs related to your Book. Meet us in private and we will tell you, how to grow successful.

Book Editing: Say No More! We know that you are looking for someone who can AFFECT the language of your book and make it EFFECT-Full on Audience. Yes! We know the little jingles of Grammar and we are ready to convert your RAW Manuscript into an Exquisite Munch of Entertainment.

Book Review: A Business without marketing is like running on a treadmill, You are running but You are going NOwhere! Book Reviews are one of the most integral ways of impacting sales. With more and more reviews being posted on online sites, you can acquire better rankings and increase Sales!

What Else We Do?

Well, most of the time we are reading, sniffing, collecting and decorating books but when we are not craving for literary junkets we are helping people make Better Choices.

Personal Finance: We help people choose wisely and grow precisely. Our Personal Financing Services have helped people acquire understanding of their goals and real meaning of Happiness. We do not teach people  “How to Make Money?” We just tell them “How to be Happy?” More on Facebook.

Brand Puff: Well! It is certainly not a Walmart but it actually has all the brands under one Roof.

Jumble Cart: We are not Anu Aunty but we can certainly help you make better choices. Jumble Cart is not an attempt but a concrete step towards making online shopping easier and fun. Find your favorite brands and products listed at amazingly discounted price. You can also read reviews, manage cart and pay securely.

If you have an idea or a suggestion that might help us grow then do not hesitate, drop it here and like us on Facebook.

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