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Savi Sharma can be best introduced as a young author who not only self-published her first book but also marketed it successfully and sold 5000 copies at the first launch via Amazon. A simple girl hailing from a small town, Surat, in Gujarat, Savi Sharma wrote her first book at a tender age of 23 and took the literary world by storm.

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The debutant’s overnight success caught publishers’ attention who bee-lined to republish her book and soon Savi Sharma became a popular name in the writing industry with unique feather, of being a successful self-publisher and marketer, in her hat.

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Much to the envy of many other authors, Savi’s first book featured on Top 10 Nielsen Bestseller list and won the author innumerous accolades on various platforms.

savi sharma

Savi Sharma, A dreamer who dares to not just dream but also chase those!

Savi Sharma quit her CA studies, but does that make her a quitter?… Nah!! She did it to pursue her dream of becoming a storyteller, which for sure did not go in vain at all.

Savi Sharma, An inspirational writer who wants to touch people’s lives with her words

Savi Sharma inspires her readers to live their life fully and chase their dreams by writing simple and beautiful stories woven around her characters, which she says are a part of her. “From the idea of writing about myself comes a character looking for her first story – Meera, another one who has the urge to travel the world – Vivaan, and someone who wants to open a café – Kabir. All of them are part of me.”, says Savi.

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Also, in her own words, Savi Sharma says, “I want to be an inspirational fiction writer. Inspire people by everything I write. I want to write simple stories, about real and relatable characters. I strongly feel that is what, today’s generation needs. An escape, that brings them to reality. Give them courage, hope and strength. Yes, I would add romance and love in my writings but it won’t be for marketing. It would be because love is what we all need.”

savi sharma

Savi Sharma, A believer!

Unlike most other authors, Savi Sharma went unconventional and decided to self-publish and self-market her book with absolute confidence in her capabilities and the power of social media, and inspired  many young authors to break out of their shell and take the plunge.

“If I had gone the traditional way,” she says. “I would have had to wait for months to get it published. I didn’t want to wait; I knew I had a good story to show to the world. I simply believed in the power of social media and internet to promote my book myself.”

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More about Savi Sharma

Besides being a popular young inspirational author Savi Sharma is also the co-founder and chief content officer of motivational media blog Life & People where she touches people with her aspiring write-ups on positivity, spirituality, traveling, attraction and self-help.

Media Mentions and Citations

Indian Express called Savi Sharma Publishing phenomenon of 2016.

Vogue cited Savi Sharma as a literary star.

The Hindu recognized Savi Sharma as a runaway success.

Femina alluded to Savi Sharma as a publishing phenomenon.

New Indian Express called Savi Sharma a Relentless Storyteller.

savi sharma

A few delectable quotes from Savi Sharma’s ‘Everyone has a story’

The beautiful expression and depth of author’s thoughts can be perceived from a few of the touching and relatable quotes from her first book, ‘Everyone has a story’ which makes one stop, think and feel!

“Remember, everyone has a story. It might not be a love story. It could be a story of dreams, friendship, hope, survival or even death. And every story is worth telling. But more than that, it is worth living.”

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“But for some of us, there is only now, only today. And the truth is, you never really know when God might need back the ones we love. So cherish every moment and everyone in your life.”

Books by Savi Sharma

A fascinating novel, ‘Everyone has a story’ tells a fictional romantic story of Meera, a young author looking for a story to touch millions of lives with, and Vivaan, a regular guy working in corporate sector, living a day to day life with the rush of life overriding his burning desire of travelling the world. The story develops further and weaves around friendship, love and dreams, when Kabir, a café owner and Nisha a café customer join the crew.

savi sharma

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The readers apparently instantly connected with her book title ‘Everyone has a story’ and not only bought it but also did not shy away from leaving an excellent review for this first-time author. Within a short span she received 112 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5.

Savi Sharma’s first book ‘Everyone has a story’ sold like hot cakes and soon became India’s fastest selling debut novel, having sold 1,00,000 copies in 100 days.

Less than a year later, the book was republished by the renowned Westland Publishers with a brand new cover and soon went into reprinting.

Westland Publishers handed Savi Sharma a two books deal which established a sound platform for her next book.

savi sharma

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Soon after the success of her first book, Savi Sharma authored another book, ‘This is not your story’, which was released recently on February 14, 2017.

This is not your story is a story of hope, courage and love with Shaurya, Miraya and Anubhav as the main characters. In this, Shaurya is a CA student and his story revolves around his dreams. Miraya is an interior designer who has staunch belief in love and Anubhav is an aspiring entrepreneur whose story is about giving life another chance.

Just about a month down, This is not your story, has already sold over 50,000 copies.

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