Review: Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra

retirement planning by R.K Mohapatra

About the Book: Retirement Planning, a book by R.K Mohapatra released in early 2016, talks about the necessities of retirement planning. The book Retirement Planning is written to help regular employees and self-employed people build a corpus to lead a happier life after Retirement.

Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra

About the Author: R.K Mohapatra is one of the best-known Indian Authors in Personal Finance Planning books for all people. His bestselling book “Investment, Risk & Growth”- A Unique Guide for Investors about investment vehicles enables an idea about the investments. investment products & individual financial goals. It also reflects an investor’s capability in managing their hard earned money, carefully.

Review of the book Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra:

Cover Design: Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra is a non-fiction; this book is not about the imaginary worlds and the futile emotions. The book carries vivid information related to Indian economy and needs of financial planning in the modern world, hence the Cover was bound to be designed accordingly. The cover of Retirement Planning depicts the need of money management very smartly. One look and you know, that this book is about money management. Good work (Y).

The quality of Book: This is perhaps the first book from Blue Rose Publishers, we at Word Pinnacle have reviewed and we are pretty much happy with the quality of paper, printing, and binding. A lot of people and reviewers tend to overlook the ‘quality’ segment while reviewing a book but at Word Pinnacle, we understand the importance of Quality. A lot of readers, tend to store/hoard books as prized possessions hence it is important to print books that will go through the Reading and Re-reading sections without wearing out.

Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra

Writing Style: Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra is a masterpiece when it comes to understanding the need of Retirement Planning in the lives of common people with no inheritance to rely on. A  lot of people fail to generate an impressive corpus for their life after retirement because they are unaware of the opportunities (investment opportunities) and also because of ignorance. This one book is going to break the mold and help people understand the importance of retirement planning. R.K Mohapatra is very much experienced in the field of Finance hence every word in this book is a Gospel Truth. The simple and illustrative writing style is fascinating; it helps the reader realize the importance of each and every penny in a very realistic manner.

Content of the Book: Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra can be termed as the one-stop-shop for all retirement planning tips and tricks. Be it a millennial or a veteran, everyone can rely on this book for securing their retirement. The exquisite use of data and facts create an imaginary future in front of your eyes that motivates you to save, invest and reap benefits. The author has tried to put efforts in the right place and has laid out plans that will work for people from varied financial backgrounds. The efficient use of data is certainly the best thing about the book; the data not only represents this book as a good source of information but also establishes the book as the Thought Leader, everyone is looking for.

USP of Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra: Since Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra is a non-fiction book, the illustrious characterisation and over the head description of the landscape is not going to help the author sell copies; facts and real-time examples have kept the boat floating for this book. The smart use of real-time inflation rates, interest rates and rates on EPF/PPF, to create a portfolio of a person enjoying his life after retirement, is certainly the unique-selling-proportion of this book. One can always depend upon this complete guide to a stable life after retirement and never regret.

Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra

Overall Reading Experience: The quality binding, smart use of data and real life examples come together to leverage the readers with an educative experience. One can always come back to this book and get his or her doubts related to financial planning cleared. Word Pinnacle rates on this 5 out of 5 stars because this one book is going to change lives. Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra is a must read for everyone, who wants to make it big in life.

About the Publisher: Blue Rose Publisher is an author-centric publishing house in Delhi determined to do our best to help the writers, tell their stories to the world. We understand that your manuscript is your most prized possession and that how important it is for you to see it get published and out in the market. Here’s a quick list of this determination and understanding and the reason why we stand out in the crowd.

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