How to read more books in 2018?

read more books

Now that the debauchery of New Year Eve has settled, people are contemplating ideas to make their new year resolutions last. A good number of millennial have decided to read more books in 2018 as their resolution. While the idea sounds educative and liberating but How to read more books in 2018 remains the question with no answer. Do one needs to turn the routine table upside down to have more of reading time or one needs to carry a book everywhere he or she goes. Reading more books in 2018 may seem like a mammoth of a task for non-readers but for the avid readers, there’s going to be no issues. Avid readers know that the only effort you need to put in is to start reading a book, once you are into the book, the imagination overtakes the process and leaves you craving for more of the book.

For all the non-readers who want to read more, add more to their mental strength and come across as someone very intellectual or thought leader, this How to read more books in 2018 guide is going to see you through the changes you need to make.

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How to read more books in 2018? Answered

Take up a Challenge: We are indeed living in an atmosphere where motivation fails but a challenge never fails to get an individual moving. Take up a challenge and commit to it. Varied reading challenges available on online platforms like Goodreads, help you keep track of the progress. You can feed in details of the book you are reading and it will inform you about your goal and how far you are from achieving it. You can also involve your friend, parent or life partner into this challenge; ask them to keep reminding you about the challenge, to make it more rigid put a bet against your reading plans.

One of the simplest ways of achieving your reading goal in 2018 is challenging someone, who happens to be a bookworm, they will not only keep you anxious, worried but will also help you select books of your interest. More on this in the next point.

Find your Genre: Reading becomes easy and smooth once you have found your genre; finding your genre is not going to take a lot of time, one look at the TV series you crave for and the movies you cannot live without and you will know whether you are more of a Rom-Com or Science Fiction. Once you know, what kind of a reader you are, it is time to get back to your Bookworm friend and have a list of best books from the genre. Find your genre and you are halfway through your plan of reading more books in 2018.

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Try Switching and Pivoting between Formats: When you become rigid about reading only paperbacks, you fail to read more books because it is actually impossible to carry a paperback everywhere you go but when you become liberal about the format, you can actually enjoy varied experiences and actually read more. An e-book reader or Kindle application for mobile devices can help you read in places you cannot imagine. Kindle application for mobile phones enables you with the option to read during a boring class, waiting for the doctor or while traveling in public transport. Being liberal with formats can help you complete more than one book at a time, read a pulp-fiction at the office to keep your work pressure under control and continue with erotica in your bed to keep up the fire in your relationship.

Mix up your Genre a little: Yes! We did agree to discover your genre before taking up the challenge of reading more in 2018 but mixing up your genre a little will help you break the monotony. Once you decide to read a book from a genre, which is certainly not your type, you coax yourself to get back to the genre you love the most otherwise reading from the same genre again and again will become bland and you will lose your interest in reading. How to read more books in 2018 is a trick question and it is certainly going to have a lot of tricky answers, take note and make sure you are improvising.

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Spend less time on Social Media: Putting your Social Media game on hold will help you with reading more books in 2018. Once you have decided to quit social media, you will be able to channel your time and energy better. Use Goodreads to keep a tab on your reading list, progress and also for seeking book suggestions.

Getting to Read More Books in 2018

Keep an eye on your reading list: Logging your reading experience can help you read more. If you have decided to read 50 books in 2018, start logging it on an application or in a notebook, as soon as you cross 20 or 40, you will feel excited about achieving your goal and it will fuel you to find more books in the genre and read them. Ask someone to talk to you about your reading challenge and the idea of reading more books in 2018 every then and now; such interesting small talks will instill the idea of achieving your reading goals.

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Pro Tip: You know, it is only in the beginning, you need to force reading, once you have read 5-10 books, you will not be able to keep yourself away from books. Books happen to be the best addiction you can own. They will educate you, entertain you, make you smile, cry and leave you with a unique satisfaction in the end.

Stop when it gets BORING: There’s nothing worse than a bad book, stop when you realize, it is getting bland, stop when you don’t feel like continuing, stop when it starts going over the head. Stop think of trying something, pivot, read something fresh and get back to your own genre. There’s no compulsion, no one is going to fine you for not continuing with a particular book, you are no more in school and this is no course book. Stop, seek suggestions and move on. Also, you can read an interesting book more than once because you never read the same book twice. 

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