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Ravinder Singh is a popular young Indian writer renowned for his beautiful romance novels, the most famous being ‘I Too Had a Love Story’.

Author Website: www.ravindersinghonline.com

Born on February 4, 1982, in Kolkata in a Sikh priest family, Ravinder Singh spent his childhood in Sambalpur, Odisha and did his engineering in Computer Science from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College in Karnataka.

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He kick-started his corporate career as a program analyst at Infosys and later got his dream job as a program manager at Microsoft.

Adding further education to his resume Ravinder Singh did MBA from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and quit Microsoft to tend to his inner calling of writing his heart out and became a full-time writer.

Married to Khushbu Chauhan, Ravinder Singh as of today leads a happy and successful life as a writer, an editor, and a publisher, in Chandigarh.

Ravinder Singh

I too had a Love Story: Ravinder Singh’s first book ‘I too had a love story’ was published in 2008 and within no time sold over a million copies. Inspired by a tragic incident in his life, where Singh lost his girlfriend five days before their formal engagement, ‘I too had a love story’ touched millions of hearts and became a best-seller.

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Written straight from the heart, the book immortalized Ravinder’s memoirs of his girlfriend Khushi making eternal the moments they spent together.

A long-time bestseller, ‘I too had a love story’ was also published in Kannada and its audio version was launched in 2011.

Ravinder Singh’s journey as An Author:

His first book ‘I too had a love story’ gained immense response from illustrious authors and gave Ravinder Singh a strong foothold in the writing industry.

Ravinder Singh came out with his second book ‘Can Love Happen Twice’ in 2011 which was considered a sequel to the first one and was again very well accepted by the readers.

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Evidently, Singh had already formed an impressive fan following after his first book and his fans were desperately waiting to read more of his work as his second book became the fastest selling book ever published by Penguin India.

Then came out Ravinder Singh’s third solo novel, ‘Like It Happened Yesterday’, in 2013 closely followed by his fourth novel ‘Your Dreams Are Mine Now’ which was another romance novel but with a difference and a purpose.

Ravinder Singh

Inspired by the spine-chilling Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi in December 2014, which shook the country hard, sent shivers across the world and brought a revolution where for once people were out on roads fighting not just for justice but demanding a change and voicing intolerance for crime against women, ‘Your dreams are mine now’ served well its purpose of keeping the flame alive in the hearts of the readers.

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In 2015, Ravinder Singh published his fifth solo novel ‘This Love That Feels Right’. Based on a sensitive issue of extra-marital affairs, ‘This Love That Feels Right’ drew Ravinder’s way both praise and criticism from the readers.

Ravinder Singh: An Editor

In 2012, Ravinder Singh edited an anthology, ‘Love Stories That Touched My Heart’, a compilation of 25 beautiful short love stories selected from among thousands of stories in a contest held by Penguin Publishers.

In 2015 Ravinder Singh edited ‘Tell Me a Story’, another compilation of heart-warming short stories that leave an ineffaceable mark on the readers.

Ravinder Singh: A Publisher, An Entrepreneur

A popular author and a successful editor, Ravinder Singh brought out the entrepreneur in him when he decided to open a Publishing House for the budding authors.

Not meant to be a self-publishing house, Black Ink is a Publishing House for the young novice authors who have to otherwise struggle to get their work published. Having had to struggle himself to get his first book published, Ravinder Singh decided to make it easier for other writers.

Ravinder Singh’s Publishing House, Black Ink, is based on the traditional method where the author does not have to spend a penny and the publisher makes the entire investment. The author instead earns royalties from the sales.

Awards and Recognitions

Awarded the Popular Award at The Economist Crossword Book Award 2011

Cited as One of the Top 10 Bestselling Indian Authors in AC Nielsen’s list

Nominated for Popular Award Category at The Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014

Nominated as one of the Top 100 Celebs in India in 2012

Cited as one of the five authors who changed the way Indians read.

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