A banker turned author, Ravi Subramanian is a sensational writer who became a best-selling author after his very first book If God Was a Banker in 2007. Ravi also writes columns for various popular magazines and has his own weekly column in India’s leading business newspaper, The Economic Times.

Author website: www.subramanianravi.com

Ravi Subramanian’s Journey: Born on 11 February 1970, Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and a successful banker who has worked with the best of the global banks like Citibank, HSBC, and ANZ Grindlays. After having spent about two decades as a successful full-time banker and living a routine weekend-to-weekend life, Ravi Subramanian is now a CEO of a non-banking financial company and an award-winning author of nine best-selling books.

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Ravi Subramanian is a born story-teller who would narrate his daily experiences in an interesting, colorful manner weaving those beautifully around his characters.

Ravi Subramanian

Though deep down, during his banking years, he always felt a pull to do something more, he got his final push from Richard Branson’s book, Screw it, Let’s Do It: Lessons in Life. The book, which motivates one to not procrastinate and just do what needs to be done, could not have inspired Ravi more.

Stirred by Richard Branson’s motivating words, Ravi Subramanian decided to take a plunge and respond to his calling of a writer. Soon he came out with his first book If God Was a Banker in 2007 after which there was no looking back for Ravi.

He has authored nine books till date, the most recent of which was released on 27th June 2017. Most of his books are amazing banking thrillers which have a tight grip on the readers until the very end.

Ravi Subramanian’s Debut Novel: Ravi Subramanian’s first book If God was a Banker was released in 2007. A banking thriller, seasoned with intense emotions of love, lust, deceit, frustration, and ambition, If God Was a Banker was a huge success and brought Ravi’s way, Indiaplaza Golden Quill Book Award in 2008.

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I Bought The Monk’s Ferrari: Driven by the success of his first book, Ravi Subramanian soon released his second book in 2008. A motivational self-help book, I Bought The Monk’s Ferrari, is a thought-provoking book, which inspires readers to pave their way to success they have always dreamt of. Inspired by his own experiences and the lives of big achievers, in I bought The Monk’s Ferrari, Ravi has listed out a step-by-step approach to success through his Ten Commandments.

Ravi Subramanian

Devil in Pinstripes: Ravi Subramanian’s third novel, Devil in Pinstripes, is set in the backdrop of high-pressure, competitive banking world and throws light on emotions racing behind the veil of professional amicability and the complexities involved when spouses turn colleagues. A story of hard-work and persistence as well as that of professional jealousy, fraud, politics and power games prevalent in the corporate world, Devil in Pinstripes clicked well with young readers and soon became a best-seller.

The Incredible Banker: Another banking thriller from Ravi Subramanian, The Incredible Banker, is a gripping and page-turner story. Woven around the crime of money laundering, The Incredible Banker is a fiction work which smartly underlines the need for a reader to be informed in order to stay safe and secure in this unpredictable, scary, criminal world.

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This book, which also highlights the play of inter-relationships in times of professional crisis, won the author The Economist Crossword Book Award (2012).

The Bankster: Published in 2012, The Bankster is a nail-biting banking thriller which involves a murder-mystery. The story revolves around the mystery of a murder committed in a bank, as a consequence of a global plot which could cast a shadow on the entire nation. A story of lies, deceit, and treachery, The Bankster wooed the readers by its thrilling twists and turns and earned the author, The Crossword Book Award in 2013.

Ravi Subramanian

Bankerupt: Though this one is a banking thriller too, Ravi Subramanian’s Bankerupt stands apart from his other novels. Spanning across three different cities spread out globally, Bankerupt is not limited to banking ways but also reflects the author’s deep research into the functioning of gun licensing works, a renowned university as well as ambitious minds. A nail-biting murder mystery, with everyone having a reason to kill, Bankerupt keeps the readers guessing throughout, until the very end. A fine read, Bankerupt won Ravi the Raymond Crossword Book Award (2014).

God Is A Gamer: Published in 2014, God is a Gamer, is a fast-paced thriller which has a bit of everything… office politics, money laundering, illegitimate relationships, betrayal and a theft. The book reflects the immaculate and deep research done by Ravi Subramanian into the world of bitcoins.

The Bestseller She Wrote: Very unlike his previous novels, Ravi’s The Bestseller She Wrote is set up in the contemporary world of books. In this book, a work of fiction, Ravi has not only mentioned a few of his real life incidents but also taken a jibe at a few fellow authors. The Bestseller She Wrote is an engaging romantic thriller, which leaves a trail of questions in readers’ minds about relationships, morality, adultery, anger, guilt, revenge and forgiveness.

Ravi Subramanian

In The Name of God: Ravi Subramanian’s latest book, In The Name of God, shakes people out of their blind faith and prods them to perceive things more logically. In The Name of God is a fast-paced thriller which keeps the readers glued and guessing. A story which revolves around faith, deceit, religion, and money, In The Name of God, is selling like hot cakes and is bound to become a best-seller.

WP’s Conclusion: Ravi Subramanian keeps thrilling us with his electrifying novels, each of which reflects his in-depth research, vivid imagination, clear expression and absolute dedication. Having had the taste of his stimulating thrillers, we await more page-turners from this Grisham of Banking!

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