Raghav Chaitanya: The Master of Bollywood Covers!

Raghav Chaitanya’s videos have crossed 1 million more often than MS Dhoni finishes with a six. Raghav Chaitanya is not just a YouTube star but a genre in himself. Raghav Chaitanya is known for his exemplary song selection; this rare talent turns around the feel of every song he touches and makes it impossible for you to not hum his version.

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Raghav Chaitanya’s Facebook Page

Instagram Account

 YouTube Channel

This talented singer has more than 2 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel Raghav Chaitanya. Raghav graduated from Amity University and has an immense passion for singing, which often shows up in his cover videos.

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Raghav Chaitanya’s most viewed cover on YouTube

With 1.6 million views and counting Valentine’s Medley is the most viewed video on his channel.

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