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PRIYA KUMAR: An Acclaimed Motivational Author and Speaker

Priya Kumar. A motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, a radio jockey, a celebrity columnist and an author, Priya Kumar is a self-made successful woman who fits perfectly in each role she plays. A determined, hard-working woman, Priya Kumar is an inspiration in herself, who leads people out of their comfort zones to achieve what seems impossible and beat their fears to venture into the unexplored.

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Priya Kumar’s Journey: Hailing from Chandigarh, Priya Kumar was born on March 4, 1973. She did her initial schooling from Saint Kabir Public School and finished it from Gyan Kendra Secondary School, Mumbai where she moved to at the age of 13.

Priya Kumar did her graduation from the University of Mumbai and studied further to add Diplomas in Marketing and Sales to her kitty.

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Born to be a writer, Priya Kumar excelled at writing since a very young age. She won various writing contests including a few at the national level during her school days. Like most young growing-up girls, she too wrote personal diaries, though the difference lay in the fact that her stories about her day’s experiences were all fictional.

Priya Kumar

Priya had a knack of telling stories beautifully. She started teaching her fellow students at a young age of 13 in order to earn some pocket money. And later she became a full-fledged tuition teacher.

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As Priya Kumar taught her students, she would narrate stories to inspire them and unintentionally that became a stepping-stone to her solid, stable career. She started receiving invitations to give talks at Rotary Clubs and Lion Clubs etc. and then there was no stopping her.

Once she realized she was becoming a motivational speaker, Priya Kumar decided to shift her career from a tuition teacher to a professional motivational speaker and put her all in it, including her savings of several years.

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At almost the end of two years, Priya Kumar had depleted all her resources and had to loan more money from her mother to keep herself afloat. Finally, Priya Kumar launched her own company, Priya Kumar Training System, at the age of 24, which offers motivation programs to corporate houses for building team & leadership qualities and improving individual & holistic performance.

Priya Kumar

Soon, Priya Kumar started conducting workshops at various Multi-National Corporations and gained popularity by word of mouth for her lively, demonstrative and effective sessions. As per Priya, the key ingredient to her success has been her own unique style, original stories, and first-hand experiences.

Priya Kumar’s training sessions are based on experiential transformational tools like Firewalking, walking on broken pieces of glass, bending steel rods with neck, martial arts etc.

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Priya Kumar, The Author: No matter how successful, Priya Kumar’s life journey would have remained incomplete had she not given wings to the writer inside her. For the passion of writing and the innate brilliance she has always had in her, Priya Kumar was born to be a writer. And she did best at that by merging her motivational skills with the same.

Priya Kumar has displayed her versatility in writing through her nine books till date, which involve two biographies, four motivational fiction books, a non-fictional book about her adventures with Shamans and a book of original quotes. One thing, which remains common in all, is the long-lasting inspirational impact those have on their readers.

Priya Kumar’s Debut Book: Priya Kumar’s First book, I am Another you, was published in 2009 by Embassy Publishers. A non-fictional, self-help book, it inspires readers to step out of their comfort zone and be their best self.

Priya Kumar

License To Kill, A Seeker’s Journey To Greatness: Published in 2010, License To Kill is a fast-paced inspirational novel nudging people to listen to their inner voice and pave their own life path.

The Perfect World, A Journey Through Infinite Possibilities: A motivational thriller, The Perfect World, takes one on an inner journey to find his true purpose in life, making one more spiritually aware and conscious of his higher self.

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The Perfect World was promoted by Priya Kumar through video trailers and was launched by Sonu Nigam.

Thinking Aloud, A Book of Inspirational Thoughts: A collection of beautiful original quotes, Thinking Aloud, covers everything that is worthy in life like love, hope, courage, happiness and much more.

The Inspiring Journey of a Hero: This book is a biography of Mr. O.P.Munjal, The Founder of Hero Cycles. A life-story of a self-driven man, the book is an inspiration for those who dare to dream but fear the hardships. The Inspiring Journey of a Hero enthuses one to go all out to fulfill his ambitions and make his dreams come true.

I Will Go With You, The Flight of a Lifetime: I Will Go With You is a dramatic suspense thriller, which has a gripping effect on the reader and makes him gasp for more. This fiction, self-help book makes one ponder about the questions one otherwise refuses to answer consciously in his head.

Dream, Dare, Deliver, The Inspirational Journey of Subhasish Chakraborty and the making of DTDC: This is an inspiring biography of the founder of DTDC and encourages one to believe in his dreams and find a way around the hardships involved.

The Calling, Unleash Your True Self: Priya Kumar takes readers on a spiritual ride with her fictional self-help book, The Calling, which reflects on how one’s true self, which is generally subdued by the superficial lives one lives these days, is unleashed when one faces adversities and confronts his own self.

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The Wise Man Said: Released in May 2017, this is Priya Kumar’s latest book. A collection of 12 short stories from different stages of an 80-year-old billionaire’s life, The Wise Man Said reminds one how he is missing living his life in an undying quest to reach the pinnacle of success and the actual unrealized worth of things.

 WP’s Conclusion: Priya Kumar excels at what she does and motivates others to do the same. Wishing her the best for all her future prospects we look forward to more from her.

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