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PREETI SHENOY — India’s only lady in the bestsellers league of gentlemen, and why shouldn’t she be? Her works which, usually, are derived from her life experiences hold the power to change lives. And speaking honestly, on the behalf of the readers, they HAVE.

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Aged 45, PREETI SHENOY has till date authored 8 books. And it was after her second book Life is What You Make It that she became a prominent face in the world of Indian Literature. Life is What You Make It by her won the crown of National Bestseller. It was also listed among the Top Books of 2011 in Nielson’s List.

PREETI SHENOY has been prolific since her childhood. And her interests were not only confined to reading and writing but she had a great interest in drawing and painting too. And it was her keen interest in painting that made her a self-learned painter.

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Started Off as A Blogger:  Author of 34 Bubblegums and Candies, she put on the writing shoes as a blogger. She started writing to overcome the absolute shock of her father’s death who was very dear to her. And since then there was no stopping ( A major bubble of her life had just burst but life ahead festooned her with other candies). On her Blog, PREETI SHENOY writes posts about Everyday Ordinary-Life. But the posts were all so sincere that readers applauded them and she started to gain a good readership.

She started writing for Reader’s Digest ‘Joy’ in 2008 and during the same time period her poems got published in the Sulekha Book Series.  Her Debut Novel 34 Bubblegums and Candies was published in the same year.

preeti shenoy

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PREETI SHENOY’S philosophy of life — Life’s Worth Celebrating never ceases from making her fans go all head over heels for her. Her lifestyle and books hold the immense power to change lives.

Her blog’s Her Virtual Home: PREETI SHENOY states that her blog is very sacred to her. It’s like her virtual home. She has even sworn not to monetize her blog (use it for revenue purpose) ever. She also takes out time to respond back to the comments on her blog post.

A Woman of Varied Interests: PREETI SHENOY loves to enjoy all the perks of life. She has varying interests and still succeeds to maintain the balance of life. Preeti Shenoy states that Art and Writing are as essential as food and air. Inter alia, PREETI is a yoga buff, a dancer and an active social worker. She loves to teach the kids who can not attain the education otherwise.  PREETI SHENOY also gives free art classes. Recently, she told in an interview that her next pick is going to be Illustrative Journalism.

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Insight on the Power of Simplicity: Preeti Shenoy’s novels are narrated in a language so simple and yet so chord-striking manner. She never overlooked the power of simplicity: neither in her books nor in her lifestyle. “No pretentious characters; no pretentious writing”  says PREETI SHENOY.

PREETI SHENOY’s favourite contemporary Indian Authors are Anita Nair, Arundhati Roy. She even fancies the poetry of Kamla Das.

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Social Media: PREETI SHENOY is a fond user of Social Media websites and loves to interact with her sincere readers. She’s been speaking at TedX talks too.  

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PREETI SHENOY’s Advice to Budding Writers: When it comes to writing, PREETI SHENOY suggests the fellow writers to adopt an aggressive approach. Like Runner’s speak of Runner’s-High; SHENOY talks about Writer’s-High. Writing is a L.O.N.E.L.Y Profession, she says. To get an insight of what she thinks of writing, you can anytime go to On Writing page of her Author’s Website.

Awards And Nominations: 

  1. Won Academia Award for Business Excellence by the New Delhi Institute of Management
  2. Won Perfect Post Award for her Blog in 2007
  3. Nominated in Forbes list of 100 Most Influential Celebrities from India consistently since 2013
  4. Entitled ‘The Only Woman in Highest Selling League’ by India Today
  5. Entitled ‘Keenly Observant Mind’ by Daily News and Analysis

preeti shenoy

WP’S Conclusion: Word Pinnacle thinks that looking at PREETI SHENOY just as an amazing author would do injustice to the personality, she posses. Quoting her, “Yes, when you’re passionate about something, it shows. There is no point doing something that doesn’t make you feel happy just to earn money. If you hate what you are doing, you are then just wasting your life” It Happens For A Reason.

Saying it won’t be wrong, “Like Tyrion PREETI SHENOY does know things.

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