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23 Million on Twitter, 38 Million on Instagram and 230 Million on Facebook; Indians have arrived on the Social Media and we are here to dictate trends and meme game. With more than 21 constitutional languages, English remains the mainstream language on these social media platforms. English has successfully bridged the language gap between people hailing from varied provinces. While the local literature continues to thrive and empower veterans, English Literature is bringing the diverse Indian diaspora together. 2 States by Chetan Bhagat showed how people from varied backgrounds could sort their problems and live happily together. Popular Indian Authors are choosing the English language for creating art that appeals to the wider audience of diverse India.

 Chetan Bhagat is a Punjabi, Durjoy Datta is a Bengali, Preeti Shenoy comes from Southern India, and Nikita Singh was born in Patna but all of these Indian authors are equally popular in Delhi and Bengaluru. English as a language for Novels in India is deciding the fate of popular Indian authors. Majority of popular Indian authors have translated their books into regional languages like Tamil, Bengali, and Hindi but only after these books grew extremely popular in English.

While the English language is a qui-essential ingredient in the making of Great Indian Book, Social Media also plays an extremely crucial role in shaping the fate of a book. Nikita Singh, Durjoy Datta, Sudeep Nagarkar and of course our devotedly  Chetan Bhagat have been using Social Media platforms extremely well for promoting their books. There have been times when books of these authors have made it to the best-seller list even before releasing and all of this only because of the interest they generate on Social Media and converted them into result through pre-orders. Social Media is now an essential ingredient in the making of popular Indian authors.

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Let’s start with the number game to understand how these popular Indian authors have turned themselves into a brand. The following list ranks authors according to their popularity on Social Media platforms. With Facebook having 230 Million Users from India, it is evident that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in India hence we will use the fan following of these popular Indian authors on Facebook to rank them.  

Most Popular Indian Authors

 Chetan Bhagat:

With 6.5 Million fans on Facebook, 11.6 Million fans on Twitter and 269K fans on Instagram Chetan Bhagat tops our list of popular Indian authors. Chetan Bhagat is surely the torchbearer of contemporary Indian publishing scene. Millions of people follow him aspiring to be successful like him while a handful of people follows to troll him for irrational tweets he keeps coming up with. Chetan Bhagat has encountered more trolls than fans on his social media accounts. May the force be with him! Books like 2 States, What Young India Wants, One Indian Girl and Half-girlfriend have continuously added to his popularity after the breakthrough he made with Five Point Someone.

First Book: Chetan Bhagat’s journey of being one of the most popular Indian authors started with his first book Five Point Someone, which was later adapted as a feature film popularly known as “Three Idiots”. Five Point Someone was a book about three IITian guys, who made sure their way out of IIT by falling in Love with Dean’s daughter, doing drugs and being late for classes. The story was so well received by the Indian college going readers that varied newspapers had to name it as “Game Changer”.

Five Point Someone not only helped Chetan Bhagat become India’s most read and popular author but also changed the way books were written and published in India, forever.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Ravinder Singh:

With 1.3 Million on Facebook, 1.14 Million on Twitter and 17.1K on Instagram Ravinder Singh is ahead of Durjoy Datta only with 100K more followers on Facebook. When ranked on other parameters, Ravinder Singh can put behind Chetan Bhagat and emerge as the most popular Indian author. I Too Had a Love Story fever made millions of Indian cry. Can Love Happen Twice showed promise and kept the faith of readers in Ravinder Singh alive. The author has a long way to go. With his new book “Will You Still Love Me”, he surely will be looking forward to doing a lot of activity on social media platforms.

First Book:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Durjoy Datta:

This Bengali good-looking author has a huge Female fan following be it on Instagram or Facebook. Durjoy Datta is one of the most popular Indian authors with 1.2 Million followers on Facebook and 236k fans on Instagram. While Durjoy Datta has worked hard with his book promotion events, online marketing, and offline presence but a part of his fan following can also be attributed to the dimple he owns. Durjoy Datta’s huge popularity among girls has a lot of MBA lessons hidden in it.

Durjoy rose to fame with his first book “Of course I Love You, Till I Find Someone Better” and kept adding to his fame with books like “If It’s Not Forever”, “When only Love Remains” and then with The Boy who Loved” series.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Durjoy Datta: An Evolving Literary Mega Star

Amish Tripathi: 

Amish Tripathi was a banker before he decided to go full-time with authoring books and becoming one of the most popular Indian authors. Amish had his number game sorted before he decided to plunge into writing full-time. Today he has 1 million followers on Facebook and 819k on Twitter.

The incredible fan following keeps increasing with every book he writes. Amish Tripathi is more of an event person; you can find him at every other popular Literature Festivals. He loves to interact with his audience and know their views on his mythological fictions. Amish Tripathi emerged on the Indian Publishing Scene with a full proof plan—much like Chetan Bhagat did—and changed the way books are sold in India, forever. Amish may be ranking 4th on our list of most popular Indian authors but his offline presence is very strong. From faculties at college to students preparing for CIVIL exams, everyone loves reading his books.

Immortals of Meluha series gave birth to the much-needed confidence in Indian writers who wanted to write mythological fiction but were skeptical about finding an audience.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Amish: The man who re-created the Mythological history of India

Shashi Tharoor

Author of controversial books “The Great Indian Novel” and “Why I am A Hindu”, Shashi Tharoor is ranked 5th on our list of popular Indian authors with 1 million followers on Facebook and 6.38 Million on Twitter. Shashi Tharoor also has an impressive fan following of 34K on Instagram even then we didn’t rank him at the 4th position because a part of his following can also be attributed to his political career while Amish’s entire popularity is because of his books.

Shashi Tharoor has authored a lot of popular books like An Era of Darkness and Pax Indica. While speaking at varied events across the globe, he has stood his ground and defended everything he wrote about the British rule in India in his book “An Era of Darkness”.

Shashi Tharoor often trends on Twitter with fans tweeting with fancy hashtags like #ShashitharoorforPM.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Savi Sharma: the publishing phenomenon 

Savi Sharma 

The new sensation in the Indian publishing scene, Savi Sharma is here to stay and break monotonies one at a time. Her emergence in the bestseller list remains the best day for Indian publishing industry. Savi Sharma has proved, it is possible to write a book and sell millions of copies without getting into a contract with a publishing house.

This Social Media Star has a lot of lessons to give but for now, we will leave you with the data. Savi Sharma commands a strong army of loyal readers, which includes 700K Fans on Facebook, 5493 on Twitter and 57.9K followers on Instagram.

Her family of readers and admirers is growing on a daily basis, which is the reason she ranks above Ashwin Sanghi, Preeti Shenoy and Nikita Singh on our list of most popular Indian authors.

Savi Sharma’s books “This is Not Your Story”, and “Everyone Has a Story” have established new benchmarks by acquiring more than 3000 reviews on Amazon.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Ashwin Sanghi

 With 694K on Facebook, 136k on Twitter and 8717 followers on Instagram, author of popular books like “The Krishna Key” “13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth” and “13 steps to Bloody Good Luck”, Ashwin Sanghi ranks 7th on our list of most popular Indian authors. Ashwin Sanghi is one of those few Indian authors that emerged early on the contemporary publishing scene and shaped it the way it is today.

Ashwin Sanghi’s social media accounts are all about the announcement of his new books and do not involve in activities and promotions like Nikita Singh, Preeti Shenoy, and Novoneel Chakraborty. Well! Ashwin’s social media game may not be that strong but his best-seller ranking game is certainly one of the best. Ashwin is among one of those few popular Indian authors who never goes out of the best seller rankings.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Ashwin Sanghi: The Indian Dan Brown

Anuj Tiwari

Author of popular books like “It had to be You”, “I Tagged Her in My Heart”, and “Journey of Two Hearts” Anuj has an impressive fan following of 540K on Facebook, 129K on Instagram and 12.2K on Twitter. Anuj Tiwari is one of those few popular Indian authors who care to engage with the audience on his page.

Anuj’s growing popularity is an argument in favor of social media; when put to right use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can help create giant businesses. Anuj’s ability to drive readers to leave a review on Amazon is something that needs to be picked up by other popular authors. Anuj Tiwari is not only a popular author but also a very smart marketer.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

 Priya Kumar 

A motivational speaker, corporate trainer, radio jockey, columnist, and author; Priya Kumar has authored amazing books “The Calling”, “The Wise Man Said”, “The Perfect World”, and “License to Live”She is one of the most popular Indian authors because of a huge fan following of 430K on Facebook, 27.5K on Twitter and 13.4K on Instagram. Her motivational posts and quotes have the power to drive audience like no other author in the contemporary publishing scene; Priya has often stood for the titles she has been awarded.

 Priya Kumar ranks 8th on our most popular Indian authors’ list but her offline presence is magnanimous. She has the rare ability to draw crowd and engaging them in an intellectual conversation.

 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Priya Kumar: An Author with contagious positivity and energy

Arundhati Roy 

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness broke into the bestseller list way before its release. The book received an incomparable and unimaginable response from the Indian readers during its pre-order phase and it depicts the popularity of Arundhati Roy in a very special way.

316K followers on Facebook, 23.4K on Twitter and 6557 on Instagram may look less in comparison to other stalwart popular authors on our list but her potential to juggle the best-seller charts with one release is validated every now and then.

 She has authored books like “The God of Small Things”, “The Algebra of Infinite Justice”, and “Walking with the Comrades”.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

 Preeti Shenoy

The Hindu cited Preeti Shenoy to be the only Lady in the bestseller league of Gentlemen in India. Preeti Shenoy has never gone out of sight since the launch of her first book “34 Bubblegums and Candies”. It was her second book “Life is What You Make it” that got her the much-needed and well-deserved attention of readers from the remotest corner of the country and turned her into one of the most popular Indian authors.

Preeti Shenoy today commands a loyal audience base and enjoys sharing her vulnerable side with them. Preeti uses Instagram and Facebook efficiently to let people know about her day-to-day happenings. She is a book enthusiast, a gardener, and an artist with 215K followers on Facebook, 85.5K on Twitter and 22.6K on Instagram.

Preeti Shenoy is on a crusade to gain more popularity on Instagram; her improved presence on the said social media will soon start showing results.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Nikita Singh

 Often referred to as the darling of Indian publishing industry, Nikita Singh is young, dynamic and has just too much on her plate to swallow. With 193K on fans on Facebook, 51.5K fans on Instagram and 38.8K on Twitter, Nikita Singh has the unimaginable power of changing fates of Bloggers by re-tweeting their blog links.

In the contemporary Indian publishing scene, it is impossible to imagine a best-seller list without Nikita Singh and that is why she finds a place on our smartly curated list of most popular Indian authors.

Nikita Singh has a kaleidoscopic satchel including Novels, co-authored books, books written under the pen name, anthologies as well as International collaborations. “If it’s not Forever” and “Every Time it Rains” are few most loved novels. Nikita Singh new book “Letters to My Ex” is all set to release on 14 February 2018.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Nikita Singh: Only Indian author to write with an annual strike rate of 55.5

Ajay K Pandey

 With his first book “You are the Best Wife”, Ajay K Pandey burst into the Indian publishing scene only to change it for better. While the readers found a new storyteller; Ajay K Pandey found a new life. With 166K on Facebook, 8137 on Twitter and 4282 On Instagram, it is evident that Ajay K Pandey has focussed more on Facebook for book promotions and get in touch with his readers.

 Ajay K Pandey’s new book “You are the Best Friend” is riding high and everyone seems to love it. Reviews on Amazon includes emotional as well inspirational messages for Ajay K Pandey, which establishes him as one of the most popular Indian authors.

 Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Ajay K Pandey: A story of lost love, romance books and success

Sumrit Shahi

Popular author of books like “Just Friends” and “Never Kiss Your Best Friend”, Sumrit Shahi is quite popular on social media platforms. With 159K fans on Facebook, 2791 on Instagram and 12.8K on Instagram . Sumrit Shahi is also known for TV shows like Sadda Haq, which he wrote with Durjoy Datta. Sumrit Shahi’s book dominated bestselling lists for quite sometime after their respective releases.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Devdutt Pattanaik 

Known for his books on mythology, Devdutt Pattanaik has a fan base of 157K on Facebook and 17.5K on Instagram. Devdutt as an author has always been in touch with his fans and an impressive fan following of 548K on Twitter is an argument that proves his popularity.

Devdutt Pattanaik has authored popular books like “7 Secrets of Shiva”, “My Gita”, and “My Hanuman Chalisa”.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Bhaavna Arora

Bhaavna Arora is a young Indian author of three best-selling fiction books, who made waves by addressing unorthodox subjects in her women oriented novels. Bhaavna Arora has an impactful followership of 136K on Facebook, 13K on Twitter and 3256 on Instagram. Bhaavna Arora has authored popular books like “The Delibrate Sinner”, and “Mistress of Honour”.

Bhaavna Arora often voices her opinions in the favor of Armed Forces and puts her one of the most popular Indian authors status to good use. Bhaavna Arora enjoys a loyal fan following on varied social media platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

 Novoneel Chakraborty 

The Stranger Bestseller, Novoneel Chakraborty often sweeps the heart of his fans with his extremely thrilling stories. It is often said that the Best thing about Novoneel’s books are Endings. Quotes are just another USP of Novoneel’s books.

Novoneel Chakraborty is here to serve the Bengali art with a contemporary twist.  

With 120K followers on Facebook and 8829 followers on Instagram Novoneel may seem as an author that needs to up his social media game but get into a conversation with any avid reader and they will tell you how awesome Novoneel is. Often seen at Literature Festivals or seen hosting independent book launches, Novoneel loves to be among his admirers and readers.

His best works include “The Stranger Trilogy”, “How about a Sin Tonight”, “Forever is a Lie” and “That Kiss in the Rain”.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Salman Rushdie

 Salman Rushdie is one of the most popular Indian authors because he has carried the burden of Indian Literature on his back for way too long. Leveraged Indian readers with the opportunity to read classics like “Midnight’s Children”, “The Golden House”, and “Haroun and the Sea Stories”.

Salman Rushdie is on our list with 100K Facebook fans and 1.26k fans on Twitter.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

 Arpit Vageria

With 87K followers on Facebook, Arpit Vageria author of popular books like “You are My Reason to Smile” and “Be My Perfect Ending” finds a place on our eminent list of popular Indian authors. Arpit Vageria has a plethora of activities going on his social media, which keeps adding to his popularity as an author.

Other popular authors can take a lesson or two from Arpit. He is also followed by 8152 people on Instagram and 440 people on twitter.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

 Keshav Aneel

 Faculty of Digital Marketing, Keshav Aneel is an author by passion. With more than 200+ 5 Star Reviews on Amazon, he is the next big thing in the Indian publishing scene. “Promise Me a Million Times”, and “The One from the Stars” are his two books that have left Indian readers awestruck.

Keshav Aneel has a decent fan following of 84K people on Facebook and 1402 on Instagram. This one author is promising, young and dynamic. He is going to rise very fast on our list of most popular Indian authors.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg burst into Indian publishing scene with a bestseller and since then he has been ruling the hearts of contemporary readers. Sachin Garg’s book “I am not twenty Four” and  “First Love” were instant hits and brought him into the limelight with authors like Durjoy Datta and Ravinder Singh. Sachin Garg has a decent fan following of 48K people on Facebook, 38K people on Twitter and 2,279 people on Instagram.

Sachin uses social media platforms effectively to communicate with his followers. His done to earth personality and entrepreneurial traits have helped him remain a popular name in the Indian publishing industry.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Indian publishing scene has been disrupted by options like Vanity Publisher, Self-publishing, and Kindle Direct Publishing which are helping aspiring authors to take chance and see whether their art is worthy or not. With effective use of social media platforms, popular Indian authors like Amish Tripathi and Savi Sharma have crafted a genre for themselves. Their inspirational stories are coaxing aspiring authors to push the envelope and be the next big thing.

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Pranav Shree Self-Published his pocketbook in 2017. Pranav decided to self-publish his book and learn the nuances of self-publishing to help newbies and aspiring authors. The Publishing Industry is littered with scams and cheap earning gimmicks. With Blogs and eBooks, Pranav aims to help authors and aspiring writers understand the Self-Publishing intricately. Pranav also writes on movies and web series at


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