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Poetry Publishers in India You Should Check Out

poetry publishers in India

While the Indian literary scene is bursting with publishers, the number of poetry publishers in India is very less. The reason a lot of publishers refrain from publishing poetry is the lack of audience. The increasing number of poets willing to publish their books and reach to the masses is a good thing. With more poetry books being published, we will see a rise in poetry readers.

Finding a poetry publisher in India is a tough task but not impossible; there are few vanity publishers who have published and marketed poetry books.

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Why do a lot of self-publishers not publish poetry books?

The number of poetry publishers in India is less because only a handful of readers enjoy English poetry in India. On the contrary, Hindi Poetry Books do really good business and Hindi poetry publishers are always willing to take up another book for publishing. English is certainly the official language at the workplace but regional languages are preferred the most when it comes to Drama, Poetry, Shayari, and Movies.

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Popular Poetry Publishers in India

poetry publishers in India

Half Baked Beans: “4 AM Conversations” by Ayushee Ghoshal was published traditionally by Half Baked Beans. Ayushee Ghoshal is often seen performing at poetry events; she is gradually building a loyal audience base on social media platforms. Check out this performance by Ayushee Ghoshal:

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Half Baked Beans is a self-publishing house, they have been publishing 15 books on an average every year. Their satchel consists of books from varied genres, which says a lot about the kind of publishing house it is. Kaleidoscopic is just the perfect word to define Half Baked Beans. This publishing house believes in providing every buddy writer with an opportunity to put forward their work and get recognized for it. It is one of those few poetry publishers in India that actually organizes “Storytelling Open Mics”.

Publishing Packages starts as low as 15,000 INR. Contact them for more information. 

poetry publishers in India

Notion Press: Well, this one poetry publisher in India is also the most popular self-publisher. Known for publishing all kinds of books and genres, this one publishing house is changing the way Indian aspiring authors publish and market their books. With a super impressive website, Notion Press promises to bring all services related to book publishing under one roof.

The publishing house mainly concentrates on providing quality services to the buyers but do not involve in organizing events, seminars and storytelling open mics.

Publishing Packages starting as low as 22,900 INR. Get more info, here.

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poetry publishers in India

Bluerose Publishers: This poetry publisher in India claims to have an annual turnover of 50 lakhs; which is great. Bluerose Publishers are also coming up with their biggest publishing event this year. The event will have sessions related to book publishing, marketing and on other contemporary issues. Ravinder Singh is one of the popular names who will mark their presence at the event.

This one poetry publisher in India has published some of the biggest names in recent time; their pool of authors include eminent personalities like R K Mohapatra, who happens to be the joint MD of a very reputed firm.

Well, one look at their portfolio and you can say that this one poetry publisher is bound to make it big in the long run.

Publishing Packages starting as lows as 12,900 INR. More packages here.

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