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This Girl’s Hard Hitting Poem will Make you Realise What Exactly is Wrong with “OUR GENERATION”

our generation

We all know, how we have fucked our lives just to relish our fetishes; we all have destroyed the layers of emotional ozone just to have that thrusting debauchery. We all have done to us what the worst demons couldn’t do! We all have done to ourselves, everything this poem says!

 Our generation

I meet the same People everywhere I go Sunshine and Smiles on their faces and sadness tugged safely in the corner of their eyes,

Is it me?

Or they just can’t seem to lie.

With the world revolving 24 by 7,

When did happiness start coming with a price?

Going through the same rut day and night,

Fighting between being a feminist and being called a misogynist,

The world governed by the people who don’t get tired of plastering lies,

Pick a side!

The world is divided into upper east and down Westside,

Did you really think being different would not come with the price?

So I sit here by my window picking out the qualities that don’t fit the black ink lies,

And here is a friend who did not hesitate to call me asinine,

You think I am crazy?

Get in line!

With thousands of stories posted on all social sites,

Hiding emotions perfectly behind million filters and hashtags all the time,

We don’t get tired of pretending, just for the sake of some likes.

Has Technology helped us, or crippled us, Who am I solely to decide?

Emotions safely hiding behind the emojis,

Even using someone else’s word to make a point,

Putting up DPs to support or protest,

Depression rates among young generation touching the skies,

“Are we really progressing towards the future?”

 Asked by a 12-year-old who just came out of a parlor, looking like Miss Universe.

What do I tell her? Am I supposed, to tell the truth to her perfect winged eyes?

What if I make her cry?

Would not want to ruin her MAC, which is costlier than my own Pride.

Fairy tales and Happily Ever Afters? Naahh!! fatal for our own lives.

So, clink your glasses and shout Hallelujah because Sir, you too are standing in your own web of Lies.

Sanorita Gupta is Program Analyst at Cognizant, her love for poetry and prose, keeps her going through the inevitable. She says a lot with her little words, there’s a poet, realist and emotionally ruptured human being in her–just like all of us.


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