This Fan’s Open Letter to Novoneel Chakraborty is Exactly How we all Feel About His Work!

Dear Novoneel Chakraborty,

It was going to be a long flight back to Delhi, so I stepped into a bookstore at Kolkata Airport. I always thought that Indian authors aren’t given their due and people often thought that only pseudo-intellectuals or teens read Indian authors. Well, I was searching for a book that called out to me and I found ‘How about a sin tonight?’ without giving it a second thought, I bought the book and decided to give it a go. Best. Decision. Ever.

I was in awe of the book and I could barely stop talking to people about it. I read and re-read the book because it spoke volumes to me. The words had had some major impact on me, I learned to have a different view than what was conventional and most importantly, I was inspired to write. I had always been toying with the idea to write but I never felt inspired enough. Thanks to you, it isn’t a problem anymore.

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With every page I turned, I learned something, at times a life lesson and at times a writing lesson. I wasn’t disappointed even once during the whole read. As readers, we often want the book to tell us if a character falls in black or white and How about a sin tonight doesn’t do so, the characters are Grey, like us. There is no right or wrong, it’s their actions and their feelings and your judgment. I think that’s what I liked the most, in a mere 294 pages, the bond formed between the reader and the character is intimate, you almost start to root for your favorite character and that is commendable.

We read for various reasons, be it to entertainment or because we have to but, it was after years, I read a book that I simply didn’t want to keep down. This masterpiece, till date, is my go-to whenever I feel sad, lost or uninspired. Every time I read it, I want to be like you, to know you and to understand where did the inspiration to pen this novel came from?

Tanya Chakraborty with Author Novoneel Chakraborty

It is very rare for a person to meet those they admire, if so, even from a distance. I was beyond thrilled when I finally got a chance to meet you at the book launch of ‘Marry Me, Stranger’. To see the person you idolize is beyond happiness, I had picked up a copy of ‘Marry Me, Stranger’ and waited in line to get it signed by you. I was impressed with how calmly you answered all the questions everyone had, no matter even if they were unrelated to your book, you answered each question with equal gusto, I applaud you for that.

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The Stranger Trilogy’ was another set of amazing work by you, each one leaving me with questions and waiting for the next one to answer them. I remember texting you and bombarding you with questions about the stranger and all you said was wait for the next part and boy, did I? I was taken away with the storyline and how it progressed as a psycho-sexual thriller. It takes a lot to keep your readers hooked with questions and you did exactly that. But, the elements that are constant in your novels are the one-liners and life quotes which make reading your novels, not an activity but an experience. I thank you for that.

Sadly, I could not see you for the launch of ‘All Yours, Stranger’ or ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ but I had the opportunity to attend your program at the Noir Literature Fest and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to know about all the things elements which go into writing a novel. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Although I was covering the event for my college newspaper, I popped in to say a quick hello and I was so glad that you remembered my name and had a fair idea about what I was doing, it felt really good.

Your favorite author remembering you is an awesome feeling.

I really had very less hope from contemporary Indian authors to write great edgy thrillers till I read your work. ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ is the answer to anybody who doubts that Indian authors can’t write thrillers. All three are a piece of art on their own and together they explode your senses. If there is anyone who can take their readers on a rollercoaster of emotions is, you. My favorite author was Sidney Sheldon, I’ve read all his novels and I’ve treasured all of them and after reading your novels all I can say iYouhat I have a new favorite.

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Black Suits You was defiantly up there with rest of your work, every character has a story of their own and since we spend so much of our time with the characters that we form a love-hate relationship with them. The book didn’t disappoint at all, you are hands down the best author when it comes to thrillers. Every book being a best-seller is justified, you don’t just write, you make your readers feel with every written word. Especially, since you conjured this book from personal experiences, this one is something different. You become a part of the plot, like every other book of yours.

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Recently, I had a chance to meet you again for the Delhi launch of ‘Forever Is a Lie’, well, as much as I have enjoyed your previous work, this definitely falls right after ‘How About a Sin Tonight?’. I just could not keep the book down, I ended up reading the whole novel in a matter of hours and I couldn’t stop myself from texting you about it. I’m eagerly waiting for the next one.

Each and every book of yours I’ve read, I’ve experienced a plethora of emotions. From being happy to being downright jealous, at times. Some characters have stayed with me since I read about them, either because I could relate to them or because their story inspired me. These characters are Kaash, I’m beyond fascinated by his name and the fact he felt he had to numb his pain, which is something I could relate to. The Stranger, because who wasn’t absolutely enamored by him. I don’t have a favorite from Black Suits You because all the characters, Kiyan Roy, Kashti and Anaysha, were wonderful in their own way; I loved the complexity and the layers to each character. Finally, coming to Forever Is a Lie, Mean Monster a.k.a Saveer Rathod, because I could relate to holding back your love for someone lest some bad should happen.

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When I met you this time ‘round, I told you that I’m working on a piece about you which might be an open letter and you joked about how these days open letters are rather used when you’re not pleased with something. And I said, not to worry. Every novel of yours is like a love letter to your readers. So, consider this to be a love letter from your readers to you. I’m thankful you decided to write for you’ve become a source for many, like me to start writing, to have a vision, to dream and to achieve.

Keep penning, we’re waiting.

Till next time,

Tanya Chakraborty

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Tanya Chakraborty

A 22-year-old Mass Communication student, who aspires to make it big as a fashion journalist, an avid reader and a Novoneel Chakraborty fan, my life is all about writing, reading, loving, eating and breathing.

About the Author: Tanya Chakraborty

A 22-year-old Mass Communication student, who aspires to make it big as a fashion journalist, an avid reader and a Novoneel Chakraborty fan, my life is all about writing, reading, loving, eating and breathing.


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