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Indian Author Nikita Singh Biography, Novels, Marraige, Career.


Call NIKITA SINGH, the Queen of Indian Literary World and her fans would go all bonkers for she is still the Sweet Princess. With an annual writing strike rate of 55.5, NIKITA SINGH has authored 9 books in her writing career of 7 years.

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NIKITA SINGH, the Author of 9 Best-sellers, has struck the hearts of most of Indian Youth because she brought forth to them, not only the stories — so realistic, contemporarily but also the stories so Relatable otherwise. Apart from writing novels, NIKITA SINGH has also contributed to The Backbenchers Series under the alias Siddharth Oberoi (She wrote the second book of the series-  Backbenchers: The Missed Call.)

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Started Reading at 17; Wrote her First Novel at 19: In an interview, NIKITA SINGH confessed she started reading at the age of 17. In light of authoring her first book at the tender age of 19 and by and by bringing forth other prominent works clearly portrays the fact how seriously, a  story-teller was breathing inside her.

Practical, Humble and Outspoken: Taking into account how a taboo, HIV had become in the Indian society, NIKITA SINGH couldn’t stop herself from writing After All This Timewhose protagonist suffers from the same malady. Apart from that NIKITA is also an influential speaker; she has spoken at numerous TEDx talks. Being bold enough to voice her opinions is a trait she is beautifully graced with. Recently, in a blog article for YSBNow, she took a dig at the Social media Body shamers.

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NIKITA SINGH is an active participant on Social Media and keeps updating her fans about her whereabouts. Indeed, the candid author loves to reciprocate with her fans. Say, why should we refrain from calling her the selfie queen of Literary World?


Source of Inspiration: ‘Where is her writing inspired from?’ is, well, a food for thought for many of her fans. NIKITA SINGH stated that her writing style is most influenced by Thomas Bernhard and James Baldwin ]. She’s even inspired by John Green. “I am inspired by John Green’s seriousness and the play of emotions in Cecelina Ahern” her words, not mine. NIKITA SINGH is a voracious reader and sticks to the fact that one must be well-read to write well.

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Staying honest to the artistic breed, she belongs to, NIKITA SINGH keeps constantly working to make her next work better than the previous one. Currently, she’s taking a Masters in Fine-Arts (Creative Writing) from The New School (New York).

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Impatient Writer: NIKITA SINGH admits that she’s very impatient when it to comes to writing. She thinks and thinks and thinks for a while and then shuts herself up for two weeks and writes it all out. It was this dedication of her that let her write a book in a span of 15 days.

Though, all of her books were massive hits; it was only after The Promise that she could convince herself to take writing as her career single-mindedly.

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Fantasy Lover: NIKITA SINGH who has excelled herself in writing Young Adult Romance Fictions has created a brand new Panache of the same genre among the Indian Readers. In lieu of that NIKITA SINGH is a lover of fantasies.

And dear readers, brace yourselves for she might any time in the near future pen down down a fantasy novel and leave all of us awestruck. Sources also suggest that her new book is just under her arm and NIKITA SINGH might reveal some secret soon.

Awards and Nominations:

  1. Won Live India Young Achievers Award in 2013. 
  2. Was nominated in CosmoIndia’s 20 in their 20s List in 2016.

WP’s Conclusion: With a dedication, marketing strategy and writing style so commendable, NIKITA SINGH has already set a benchmark, budding Indian Authors aspire to create. Adding to that with such realism in her ideas and fearlessness in her guts, she has become a role model for many youngsters. And need not state the fact that this Indian Girl is not just impeccable but unstoppable too.  

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