Make Joke Of: India’s Most Loved YouTube Channel

make joke of

Make Joke Of YouTube channel has got the whole India hooked to its quirky and desi content. Make Joke Of is one of those YouTube channels that experienced fame and popularity from the very first day. The channel posts gigs and sketches created around situations from daily lives. Be it Diwali, New Year or Valentine’s Day, Make Joke Of has released a video and has added glory to the joy of holidays.

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With more than 2 million subscribers and a verified account, Make Joke Of is surely the next big thing in Indian YouTube Space. BB Ki Vines, Timeliners, TVF and Amit are doing a great job but this new addition will add up to the confidence in nascent YouTubers and inspire them enough to take up YouTubing as a career.

The creator of Make Joke Of is yet a mystery for the outer world; the language used in the gigs is very similar to one spoken in Kanpur area, which hints that creator of Make Joke Of may be from Uttar Pradesh.

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Let’s have a look at the various awesome videos from Make Joke Of

This Chacha Ke Patake video released on Diwali and it has added a lot of fun to Diwali celebrations around the country. The kids, as well as oldies, were inspired enough to burn “Padaka” (as mentioned in the video) and revisit their good old days. Make Joke Of proved the point, that when triggered, even old people can have fun like kids. This video depicting an interaction between an uncle and kids of the society is a must watch.

After popular scandals of Baba Ram Rahim and Asharam Bapu, Indians are very skeptical about Babas and Make Joke Of has used the opportunity quite efficiently to garner response for one of their videos. This video titled “Angry Baba” takes a much-needed gig on fake babas and their businesses. This amazing video by Make Joke Of includes of characters that will continue to make you laugh for a really long time. Do comment and let us know, whether you found “Baba Darwaza Khol De” funny or not?

 This gig is bound to make you go ROFL and LMAO; the quality puns and the desi humor will make you pause the video to contain your laughter. This video titled Story of An Interview is here to depict the reality of what happens a UP guy goes to a weird office setup for a job interview. The puns and the comic timing will help you release stress like never before. Watch it and share it with your friends.


In India, judiciary commands the highest respect and it is almost impossible for anyone in India to think of misbehaving with a judge that too in court premises. This hilarious video from Make Joke Of challenges the status quo and takes a dig on the session judge like never before. In a setup where a man is accused of beating other, this video will make you come back to it again and again. We promise you will be not able to stop yourself from sharing this video with your friend circle.

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