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LITWILD:This three days writing retreat will help you finish your pending writing projects

What is LITWILD?

LITWILD is one of a kind retreat designed for rejuvenating and inspiring the artist in you. We take you to three days get away in a beautiful homestay at Munnar, Kerala.

Participants get a chance to interact with like-minded people, seek inspiration from their surroundings, discuss their work, get honest feedback and finish the piece of work that they have been struggling with.


 What is LITWILD Writers Retreat? 

There is that story or poem you want to write. There is that chapter in your novel that you are struggling to finish. But, you are leading a life full of distractions and devoid of inspiration. Too often, you are too critical of yourself. Sometimes, you are too afraid to take the first step to writing that story.  Had it not been for that, you would have written that thing burning inside you. Or, you would have simply, powerfully, rediscovered your voice.

 You know what would be perfect? A heartwarming, creativity expanding, mini writing retreat to charge you up with inspiration.

We serve this with Daily Meditation, Strolls through the hills, trekking to the highest point in Munnar, daily writing circles, and fresh homemade Kerala Food.


Is this Retreat Meant for you? 

 This retreat is dedicated to all those who have been struggling to find some inspiration for their work or have not had the chance to finish something they started off.  We are looking for motivated individuals who will be willing to dedicate three days of their lives to intense writing schedules and discussions.

If you are a writer and you love hanging out with like-minded people, talking about literature, writing, books, characters, if creativity gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, if writing makes your heart flutter with joy, if you find solace in the arms of nature, this is the place to be.


 We embrace writer of all genres, editors, scriptwriters, journalists, playwrights, poets, novelists, filmmaker etc. in all phases of their careers. If you are engaged in academic writing, consider this as an opportunity to complete your thesis, proposal or reports.

Is your work worthy of an opportunity? Only the writer’s opinion is relevant to that question. We do not presume to judge the merit of your work. There is no selection process.

What to expect out of this retreat?

Participants discuss their favorite work of literature, work intensively on their pending projects for three straight days, interact with fellow writers and take feedback from the peers. Instead of having a mentor and peer-based relationship, we have sought to make our peers our best listeners.


These three days are dedicated to you to write, rest, laugh, engage in fun-filled activities, learn and then write some experiences. This is for everyone who needs a Mojo reclamation and self-nurturing.

Our workshops combine literary interaction with opportunity for relaxation, discovery, and solitude. Participants are expected to work intensively, spending as much as 4-5 hours in a day on writing. This is intended to advance your pending writing projects.LITWILD aims to leave you with a sense of accomplishment and a perpetual desire to master your craft.


If you want and need to write and be inspired to do it with more ease and joy, this is the retreat for you.

LITWILD writers retreat is being organized in four batches, each batch comprising of twelve seats. We take care of your lodging, food, and workshop. All you have to do is pay the registration fees, book your tickets and come join us in the month of June.



2nd June – 4th June 2017

6th June – 8th June 2017

14th June – 16th June 2017

27th June – 29th June 2017


Currently, we are accepting direct transfer, payment through PhonePe App and bookings through

Head over to for more details about the event, venue, bookings, registration forms, schedule, costs and payment.

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