Khali summoned after Author Vinit files a Lawsuit

The Great Khali is known for his unabated moves in the ring but outside the ring, he is being perceived as a cheater. Everything started when The Great Khali approached bestselling author Vinit K Bansal to write his biography. Vinit K Bansal is a banker from Jalandhar and has 8 successful books published in his name. Vinit readily agreed and worked hard on the autobiography.

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Autobiography “The Man Who Became Khali” made it to the top 10 bestselling lists within few days of its release. The commercial agreement between Author Vinit K Bansal and Wrestler Khali stated that revenue will be shared on 30:70 basis, respectively.

Vinit K Bansal affirms that he has been receiving his share of profit on a regular basis but the problem arose when Khali sold the movie rights of the biography to Fox Star, without informing him.

Vinit K Bansal tried to get in touch with Khali on this matter through various channels but all his efforts were going waste as Khali was not willing to get into a conversation with him. Vinit K Bansal also sent a legal notice to Khali, seeking details of movie rights and the commercial agreement between him and Fox Stars.

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Vinit K Bansal has now moved to court seeking complete disclosure of the case and also his share of profit Khali made by selling movie rights of the book “The Man Who Became Khali” to Fox Stars.

The Great Khali is bound to appear in court on 2nd April 2018 for the proceedings. We hope, the hardworking author gets his due and the requisite credits.

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