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Karan Bajaj: A Yogi

Aged 38, Karan Bajaj is not only an accomplished writer but also a self-proclaimed Yogi. Karan Bajaj is not only the author of 3 contemporary novels but also the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Discover Networks Asia-Pacific. Karan Bajaj has not only penned down bestselling novels but also teaches Yoga while managing his position in the corporate world.

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Author Website:

Born in an Army family, KaranBajaj did his post-graduation from Indian Institute of Management Ranchi and graduation from Engineering from Birla Institute of technology. The bestselling author was Director for Kraft foods and a Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble before climbing up the corporate ladder and becoming management Consultant for Boston Consulting Group and Chief Marketing Officer of Adain + Anais in New York. KaranBajaj mostly writes in the Contemporary genre about a man and his quest for transcendence which also reflects upon his own personality.Karan Bajaj’s last novel “The Seeker” is about an investment banker who decides to become a Yogi in the Himalayas.

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Keep off the Grass- Karan Bajaj’s first venture into the world of writing started with this book, which he authored at the age of 29. The book’s film rights were bid on by UTV Production, Kunal Kohli Production as well as Mosaic media group. Eventually, the rights were bought by the Mosaic media group.

Karan’s Journey as an Author: Karan Bajaj wrote his second novel “Johnny Gone Down” in 2010, which differed from his first book in the aspect that it was a thriller. The novel was published by HarperCollins India. Then, Karan Bajaj’s third novel “The Seeker” was published by Penguin Random House in June 2015. The book is inspired by Karan’s trip from Europe to India. His writing style got refined by the sabbatical he took and it is evident in the book. The book received rave reviews upon its release and was even compared to Siddhartha (Herman Hesse’s novel).

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Now Karan Bajaj was ready for an international release of the same book (renamed as The Yoga of Max’s Discontent). The book was published by Riverhead Book imprint in May 2016.

Karan as a Blogger and a Yogi: Karan Bajaj manages a successful website where he talks about his own journey as a writer, tips on being a successful writer and getting a good publishing deal as well as teaching meditation and Yoga to its readers.Karan Bajaj gives examples from his personal life and motivates people. He guides aspiring writers and teaches them the right way to make it in the publishing industry and how to sell more copies of their book along with how much a writer makes. He also writes deep posts about understanding life and mindful meditation for your exact stage in life.

Awards And Recognitions:

Karan Bajaj’s first novel was long-listed for Indiaplaza Golden Quill award and became the semifinalist for Amazon breakthrough novel award. He was selected as one of the top ten young business leaders of India by Aditya Birla and was nominated “Top 40 under 40 marketers in the U.S. by Advertising Age in 2007. He was also listed under India Today’s “Top 35 Indians under 35”.

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What’s Next: 2017 has not been too kind on Karan Bajaj. With “The yoga of Max’s Discontent” not being popular among readers and barely selling 25000 copies, Karan Bajaj faced the first hit. Then later, Karan Bajaj, tried his best to start an online business which reached a dead end as well. But he hasn’t given up hope, as his personal blog suggests. He is adamant as ever to make it in the world. Additionally, his working in Discovery is going just as smooth as ever.

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Keep off the grass: With his first ever novel about a 25-year-old Yale-graduate named Samrat, born to immigrants in U.S, who goes on a psychedelic road trip throughout India, Karan Bajaj quickly became a bestseller with over 70000 copies sold in the release year and it became a semi-finalist for Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award. The movie right for the film have been sold and the director “Ben Rekhi” commented that this movie will be like the Indian version of Motorcycle diaries.

Johnny Gone Down: His second Novel was a thriller about bizarre series of events that take place in the life of an Ivy League MIT scholar turning him firstly into a genocide survivor, a Buddhist Monk, a drug lord, a homeless accountant, a software mogul and finally a deadly game fighter, all in the time period of twenty years. This book is also being adapted into a movie with Tim Schroeder of Cahuenga Motion pictures as the director.

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The Seeker: Bajaj’s third novel was released five years after his second novel. During this time, Karan Bajaj honed his writing skills and took a sabbatical. This book is a bit autobiographical. It tells the story of a banker in New York who decides to become a Yogi in the Himalayas. Though the book received great praise upon its release, it was rejected 61 times before finally being published. The Statesman called the book “engaging, convincing, realistic and highly readable.”

Republished as The Yoga of Max’s discontent, this book somewhat lost its popularity among readers.

WP’s Conclusion:

Karan Bajaj’s journey as a writer while keeping up his corporate job and indulging in his passion of being a Yogi is an inspiration for all. His books are intended towards anyone looking for a peace of mind along with an entertaining novel.Karan Bajaj has been successful in almost everything he tried to do and has become a renowned name in the book industry and the corporate world.

In an interview, Karan Bajaj describes how he balances himself as, ‘When I’m working in my corporate life or I’m writing, I’m trying to dissolve all sense of doer-ship and just become a vessel to express myself. In some small way, I’m trying to live in a meaningful way even if I’m in a corporate environment. I’m trying to get to that point that I spontaneously become a medium for my work’.

And we could all learn something from this.

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