Forever is a lie by Novoneel Chakraborty: Book Review

Forever is a lie

Novoneel Chakraborty, author of popular Stranger Trilogy is now back with another book, Forever is a Lie. Novoneel announced the title of his new book on Facebook and pre-orders are expected to begin soon. The author wrote a book named “Black Suits You” after the grand success of Stranger Trilogy; Black Suits You was also received well by the readers across the country.

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Novoneel Chakraborty as an author has been successful in creating a niche for himself; he enjoys a loyal audience base in the country. Novoneel writes for the deserted souls and for the ones who have been shaken by love. Be it the first book “A Thing Beyond Forever” or the latest release “Black Suits You” each one of them helped the millennial generation understand the thing called Love, better.

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Forever is a Lie

Order signed copies of Forever is A Lie, HERE.

is supposed to add another feather in Novoneel’s hat. Thousands of fans are eagerly waiting for the cover release and pre-orders to begin. Cover of Novoneel’s books have always impressed the masses; just like the story, it also throws mysterious charm and delves the readers into thinking. Novoneel’s work has always coaxed people to question the loyalty of their partners; it has also helped a lot of people understand, why their partners behave in a particular manner.

Cover of the book “Forever is a Lie”

forever is a lie

About the Author of Forever is a Lie: Novoneel Chakraborty is a Bengali, he has written for varied TV Soaps and Reality Series. Novoneel also heads a content marketing enterprises. Forever is a Lie is expected to be as thrilling and good as his previous works, which include “How About a Sin Tonight” and “EX”.

Review of Forever is A Lie

Forever Is A Lie is one of those few books that grows upon you; the characters, situations and the plot will continue traversing in your mind for a long time. This new book by Novoneel Chakraborty justifies the title of “India’s Sidney Sheldon” the author has been given by the Indian readers.

Novoneel Chakraborty is one of the most popular Indian authors on social media hence a good book by him is bound to make it to the bestseller lists quite easily. While Forever is a Lie is already listed on the varied bestselling lists but this is not the end given the book has a sequel.

Plot: Like every other Novoneel’s book, this book too has a plot that makes you think whether a real-life adoption is possible or not! But then the book is a romantic thriller and it is just impossible to make it thriller without creating a plot that is unthinkable. An eighteen-year girl meets a Mean Monster in Bengaluru and starts a series of unwanted experiences for both the girl and the boy. With the story grows, the characters start to fall for each other and it is then when the biggest event of the story occurs.

Book Cover: If you have read the sequel of this book, then you cannot stop yourself from rating the cover of the book “Forever is a Lie” and “Forever is True” 5 out of 5. The idea and great execution deserve all the appreciation. The mere idea of splitting one image into book cover of two books will help the author sell a thousand copies more.

USP of the Book: The fact that Forever is a Lie has a sequel named Forever is True is the unique selling proportion of this book and the Forever Series. The book goes through a phase where the guy doesn’t believe in Love and continuously persuades the girl to stay from him but in the second book, Love takes over and the guy is forced to rethink his views.

Additional Points: A lot of readers will fail to agree with the first book Forever is A Lie because the lead character hates the idea of falling in love and maintaining a relationship but in the book two of Forever Series, there is a lateral shift and everything said in book one starts to actually make sense.

Writing: Like always Novoneel Chakraborty has incorporated great dialogues, philosophies and impressive quotes with ease. Novoneel as an author appears to be someone, who has experienced “What the true Love actually is” and it shows in his books. Quotes from Forever is a Lie. 

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