Every time it rains by Nikita Singh-Book Review

every time it rains

Nikita Singh author of popular romance fictions like “If it’s not forever, it’s not love and Love @ Facebook” is coming back with her new book. Every time it rains by Nikita Singh is going to be her 10th Book, find out the full list here.

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Nikita Singh apparently lives in United States of America; sources state Nikita went to USA to pursue Creative Writing courses, well, we all are waiting for Every time it rains by Nikita Singh to be a creative masterpiece.

Every time it rains by Nikita Singh is a unique book because it takes the readers on a new road, the romance continues to be an qui-essential part and make the book exquisite but the new dimensions explored in the book are going to give the readers the much-needed high. Order it from, here.

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Here’s a Blurb from Every time it rains by Nikita Singh:

Love is a dangerous thing. It brings with it great joy and opens you up to pain. But does one really have the courage to say no and look the other way? Laila is yet to recover from her painful past. Hurt and untrusting of love, she is fully immersed in work, her only source of cheer. Her bakery franchise is very popular and she just might be able to go national, if she can pull off that big deal. Just when things are looking up, along comes JD, an impetuous, free-spirited creature to stir up the calm. He’s her exact opposite. Laila’s self-destructive, he’s life-affirming. She’s cautious, he’s buoyant. But here’s the thing: he makes her feel the very things she wanted to forget. Stirring a familiar passion she longed for but had lost the courage to pursue. They are irrepressibly drawn to each other but will she ever be able to trust him? Every Time It Rains is the story of every girl who has ever had her heart broken. And fallen in love again.

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every time it rains

About the Author:

 Nikita Singh started her writing career with Love @ Facebook, which was a runaway hit followed with collaborations with Durjoy Dutta and other writers from Grape Vine publication. Nikita also handled administrative roles like Editor at Grapevine.

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Her contribution to Grapevine helped the publication realize Sachin’s dream of building something WORTHY.

Here are some of the exquisite pictures from the Book Promotion Shoo. Nikita Singh plans to go on a Pan India tour to promote her latest novel, like she did last year. We wish her all the best with her new book.

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Review: Every Time It Rains by Nikita Singh

“Every Time It Rains” evolves around the lives of Laila and Maahi, who runs their cupcakes and cookies venture in heart of the capital. “Every Time It Rains” is a concatenation of “Like a Love Song”. The story is about the frustrations and heartbreaks women could bear to maximum. Laila and Maahi’s attachment towards the join venture is reflected through the cover design of the book. It caters about their passion for their franchise. The background of the cover design carries the header of the book, which is soothing and pleasing. Some of the domestic violences drafted by the writer are so lively, Laila’s mother being a victim conveys the archaic Methodism which is prevalent till now in Indian soil. Climax isn’t conventional, which is applaudable. Few paragraphs stirs your soul. Blurb is framed in a plain and vivid mannerism. The language isn’t complicated, as the writer has used

Blurb is framed in a plain and vivid mannerism. The language isn’t complicated, as the writer has used millennial path to reach the contemporary circle. Characters are woven well with a cohesive force around the tale, which makes the bibliophiles to not get away from the book even after completing the read. Novelty in carving the scenes can be witnessed. For eg, JD gives Laila oranges instead of flowers or chocolates. A gloomy vagueness has affected the story, due to a horrible past. But soon over the entry of JD into the life of Laila, the story takes fast shift.

The writer has given much importance to reality throughout the novel. She has tried to make the meetings of JD and Laila look logical, and has succeeded in it. Insightful analysis has been afforded while crafting the sketch of JD, while Laila is portrayed as a sarcastic entrepreneur. “Every Time It Rains” would leave your eyes in Rain, due to its mushy wiring of the major casts.

Favorite line: “It’s like a writer with a beautiful story in his head, sitting in front of a laptop with an empty document “

Page number: 130 (Reference )

My Review meter:

Book cover: 5/5

Header: 4/5

Characterisation: 3/5

Type settings: 5/5

Writing style: 3/5

Review Submitted by: Shelo Aura

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