Best-selling Author Durjoy Datta has a New Job

The bestselling author of books “The Boy Who Loved”, “Of Course I Love You” and “Till the Last Breathe”, Durjoy Datta is trying his hands at something entirely new. Durjoy Datta has written more than 10 national bestselling books and continues to write for leading TV Channels; he is certainly in no dearth of fund or work but he is trying his hands at something entirely different from writing.

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Durjoy Datta and Avantika Mohan are together in this venture

Durjoy Datta married Avantika Mohan, his longtime girlfriend in 2016 and since then they have been making it to the news. The marriage proposal, happening wedding and the cute baby, all of these very highly taken up by the media giant Miss Malini.

A lot of followers of Durjoy Datta believe that he and Avantika make up for an ideal couple and their camaraderie is just incomparable. While keeping the looks aside, a few of these followers also find Duroy Datta extremely cute for supporting Avantika, the way working women should be supported.

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Bestselling Author Durjoy Datta is Now a YouTuber

Yes! Durjoy and Avantika have been avid travelers, they even went trekking on their honeymoon. Avantika Mohan has traveled to more than 30 countries and it is now time for the bestselling author to catch up. Durjoy Datta’s new job certainly looks inspired from their personal experience. They have been planning their trips on their own and fucking up most of the times, which seriously makes up for great YouTube Content. So, well done Durjoy Datta.

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Ever since the birth of Rayna Datta, the couple were quite occupied and needed a break; this plan of traveling to South-America was no impromptu but a long due. They have tried to visit Brazil during their honeymoon but couldn’t make it due to Visa problems. The whole travelogue is uploaded on YouTube. The 4-5 episodes very well capture the varied event that took place during their visit to South America. Watch these videos and find out how India’s one of the most read author sucks at planning and executing travel plans–pun intended.

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