Deepshikha Raina: The Internet’s Nightangle

deepshikha raina

The Internet is literally littered with musical covers; the chaos has only a few voices that actually deserves our uninterrupted attention. Deepshikha Raina, a vital member of super popular group Devotees Insanos Records is waving a web of magic through her sweet voice. Deepshikha has grown popular in recent times because of her incomparably sweet voice and unmatchable singing skills.

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Deepshikha Raina’s Old Vs New Mashup went viral in no time and since then she has not looked back; in collaboration with her team at Devotees Insanos Records, she has constantly churned out hit after hit. The song selection they do at Devotees Insanos records YouTube channel for cover videos are just classic and always gets going with the audience.

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Deepshikha Raina’s Career | Life | Biography | Age

Deepshikha Raina comes from Rajasthan and is an engineer by profession. Deepshikha recently left her professional career to make it big in the music industry and what a start she already has. Deepshikha Raina is sooner or later going to be a household name and people are already in love with her voice.

Deepshikha Raina is not a trained singer but her skills are unmatchable; Deepshikha has done quite a number of cover for Devotees Insanos Records and almost all of them have gone viral. People from remotest corners of the country and around the world are supporting her work on YouTube.

Deepshikha Raina in an interview to The Hindu said that she has started taking classical lessons and is looking forward to sing for the rest of her life. Deepshikha as of now has no plan of getting back to her professional life.

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Devotees Insanos Records

Close to 1 million subscribers on YouTube, this is one musical channel that perhaps makes the best cover videos. Devotees have been collaborating with really talented artists and that pretty much explains why they are growing so popular.

Well, it is not only the rare talent they are collaborating with but also the great brain they are using for song selection, music production and video production that is making them roar like a musical tiger on YouTube and social media.

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Some of Devotees Insanos Records’ best Cover Videos are

Sab Kucch Bhula Diya Cover was performed by Deepshikha and it has garnered over 3 Million views without any marketing. The great singing skills and quality music production are the only reasons, people are liking this cover so much. Listen to it and decide it for yourself.

Zara Tasveer Se Tu is one romantic song that every one of us has sang for our loved ones, but this cover by Deepshikha is just some another kind of dope. Her quality voice will make you listen to this cover again and again.

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New vs Old Bollywood Songs Mashup by Deepshikha Raina

This one mashup was Deepshikha Raina’s idea, she contacted a lot of YouTube artists for collaboration but only Raj Barman replied to her. Well, the video as of now has more than 14 million views, which proves how unlucky every YouTube artist who failed to reply are. Raj Barman and Deepshikha together have weaved a magic and carved a niche for themselves. Their quality voices have given this mashup the much-needed power.

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  1. First DeepShikha Raina is actually from jammu her birth place in jk state and had completed hér studies from Rajestan

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