Tanya Maniktala

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Tanya Maniktala has not only got Rajoo hooked with her enchanting smile and unbearable innocence but us too. Playing the love interest of Rajoo on Web Series “Flames” by Timeliners, Tanya…

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It’s My Love Story by Ajitabha Bose

Ajitabha Bose is the face of evolving Indian publishing industry; he made the concept of pocketbooks a trend in India and also got a place for himself in the national book…

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origin a novel by dan brown

Origin A Novel by Dan Brown

Dan Brown needs no introduction, almost all of us have read his gripping books and almost everyone has contributed to the success of movies made on those books. Dan Brown’s…

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abhishek bathwal

This YouTuber May be the next big thing in the Vine Industry

Abhishek Bathwal, an engineer by profession is an actor at heart. Abhishek is new but not amateur to the world of Acting. Abhishek’s work is real, logical and very much tickling….

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