when opposites meet

When Opposites Meet by Sachin Garg

These When Opposites Meet Quotes will Mend Your Broken Heart Sachin Garg, the popular Indian author, and Owner of Grapevine Publishers is back with a new book. When Opposite Attracts is a... Read more »
the boy with a broken dream

The Boy with a Broken Heart: Book Review

Durjoy Datta’s The Boy Who Loved made a lot of us cry; there are reviews and testimonials on Amazon that proves this book to be Durjoy’s best work. The Author has been... Read more »
forever is true

Forever is True by Novoneel Chakraborty: Book Review

Novoneel Chakraborty is back with the sequel of his latest book series; first book, Forever is a Lie, left everyone awe-struck and waiting. The loyal audience base simply cannot wait to get... Read more »
Immortal India by Amish Tripathi

Immortal India by Amish Tripathi: Book Review

Immortal India: Young Country, Timeless Civilisation: Articles and Speeches is the first ever non-fiction book by India’s most popular fiction writer Amish Tripathi. The author of popular Immortal Meluha series is probably... Read more »
13 steps to bloody good marks

13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks: Book Review

Ashwin Sanghi is seemingly enjoying his days away from Mythology; his latest works include of non-fiction books on issues that really matter. Ashwin Sanghi recently wrote on Finance and this time it... Read more »
Our Story Needs No Filter

Our Story Needs No Filter: Book Review

Sudeep Nagarkar has authored eight books; he is India’s one of the most read contemporary authors. Sudeep Nagarkar enjoys an audience base that not only loves his work but also takes a... Read more »
Forever is a lie

Forever is a lie by Novoneel Chakraborty: Book Review

Novoneel Chakraborty, author of popular Stranger Trilogy is now back with another book, Forever is a Lie. Novoneel announced the title of his new book on Facebook and pre-orders are expected to... Read more »
retirement planning by R.K Mohapatra

Review: Retirement Planning by R.K Mohapatra

About the Book: Retirement Planning, a book by R.K Mohapatra released in early 2016, talks about the necessities of retirement planning. The book Retirement Planning is written to help regular employees and... Read more »
Pocket Culture

Pocket Culture: How Good it is?

Pocket Culture a Book on Personal Finance by Satmeet Singh and Pranav Shree was released online on 1st April while the official launch was held on 6th May. Education Secretary of Bihar,... Read more »
the boy who loved

The Boy Who Loved by Durjoy Dutta

India’s one of the most loved fiction writer, Durjoy Datta, is back with his latest book The Boy Who Loved. Durjoy Datta’s last book “The Girl of My Dreams” was an instant... Read more »