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Bhaavna Arora is a young Indian author of three best-selling fiction books, who made waves by addressing unorthodox subjects in her women oriented novels.

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Bhaavna Arora’s Journey: Born in Jalandhar in a Military Hospital, Bhaavna Arora is the daughter of an Army Officer who kept hopping stations with her father’s postings throughout her childhood. Though hailing from Patiala, Bhaavna Arora could not really root herself to any specific place because of frequent changes in addresses.

Bhaavna Arora

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Bhaavna Arora took to teaching in school after completing her Bachelors in Education.

Pursuing her studies, Bhaavna did her double MBA in Human Resources and Marketing and soon became an Associate Professor at the same Business School.

Doing very well she was soon promoted to the position of Director where her leadership qualities came to the fore when her Business school was chosen as the Best Upcoming Business School in Asia by KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler).

The position of a Director did not stop Bhaavna Arora from aiming higher. She did her Doctorate in Leadership from Pittsford University, USA.

A successful academician with a forte in Leadership and Strategic Management Bhaavna Arora quit her prestigious job to become a full-time author.

Bhaavna Arora’s Debut Novel: Shortly after quitting her lucrative job, Bhaavna Arora came out with her first book, The Deliberate Sinner, which divided her family in two when her mother opposed the draft and grandfather supported it. Finally, a mid-way was found and the book was published after Bhaavna made a few changes to it.

The story of The Deliberate Sinner revolves around the issues of emotional indifference in a marriage, physical needs of a woman and infidelity.

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The Deliberate Sinner is the story of a fictional woman Rihana who is married to an eligible bachelor Veer. Rihana and Veer appear to be made for each other until differences crop up between them because of Veer’s indifference to Rihana’s physical and emotional needs which mean a lot to her.

Rihana is forced to make a difficult choice between going against societal norms & divorcing Veer and stepping into a scandalous affair to get what she feels is her due.

Story of a strong, smart and candid woman, The Deliberate Sinner sheds light on how differently a man’s and a woman’s infidelity is perceived by society in India.

Published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors in July 2014, The Deliberate Sinner was rated on Amazon as one of the most popular books by Quartz India.

Irrespective of the fact that it touched one of the most forbidden acts of society, The Deliberate Sinner sold over 70000 copies in a short span and became a bestseller.

Bhaavna Arora

Mistress of Honour: Bhaavna Arora released her second book, Mistress of Honour, in July 2015. A love and war saga, Mistress of Honour is a story of a mother and her daughter and how their life is affected by the war operations.

Set up in the backdrop of Operation Blue Star and Kargil war, the romantic love story of Pansy with Captain Potnis, an Indian Army Officer, and that of Rihana with Advik is interspersed with war scenes and romantic interludes.

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Pansy’s love story materializes in form of a marriage with the love of her life Captain Potnis and blooms into the birth of a girl child Rihana. However, Pansy’s life takes a turn when Captain Potnis is sent on the line of duty during Operation Blue Star.

On the other hand, Rihana’s heart falls for an Indian Air Force Pilot who is stuck between the call of duty in Kargil War and giving the relationship with Rihana a name. The gripping story keeps you wondering if Rihana will remain Advik’s mistress for life or will Advik honor their relationship.

This story of love, war, call of duty for a soldier, sacrifice and life is a beautifully written story with accurate details of a defense personnel’s life and his dependents’.

Though, being an Army brat herself there could have been none better than Bhaavna Arora to do justice to this novel, Bhaavna Arora did thorough research and took her own sweet time verifying facts before penning this one down.

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Bhaavna Arora

Mistress of Honour was published in 2015 by Penguin publishers and in no time became one of the best-selling books.

Love Bi the Way: Bhaavna Arora’s third bestseller Love Bi the Way is another unconventional story addressing bisexuality.

A story of two smart independent urban women, Zara and Rihana, who are entirely different from each other but are tied together due to the flat they share, Love Bi the Way asserts that love can take different forms and a person’s sexuality cannot always be clearly defined as straight or gay… sometimes it can be Love Bi the Way.

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The book is also a reflection on how not all parents are ideal and what lifelong impact they may leave on their children.

Published by Penguin Publishers, Love Bi the Way, though on a subject considered taboo in our country, received an overwhelming response from the readers and soon became a bestseller.

Bhaavna Arora 

Bhaavna Arora, Jack of all Trades: Bhaavna Arora is not just a bestselling author but also a woman of substance. A smart, educated young woman like her protagonists in her novels, Bhaavna Arora has been a good student throughout but not really a geek.

Just as she excelled in academics, she excelled in sports too and has participated in swimming and basketball competitions at the district level. A yellow belt in Judo and Karate, Bhaavna Arora loves taking part in car rallies and believes in living life king size.

Bhaavna Arora is a well-travelled independent woman who is proud of her most precious possession, her self-earned Audi!

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But don’t get misled and presume her to be a materialist. This young lady has a soft, kind side too and is sponsoring the education of a boy for several years now.

WP’s Conclusion: Bhaavna Arora has been bringing out different facets of a woman and duality of our society in her novels. Fresh and unconventional, her best-sellers have been welcomed heartily by the readers who look forward to having more from her.

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