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Two years back, when I attended a family function, a woman asked me “What do I do?” I told her “I am a freelance writer and I work-from-home”. She replied me in such a tone as if I am an alien and I am speaking gibberish.

It is not easy for people to accept the freelancing concept. Not only corporate professionals can earn 6-figure income but also young freelancers can earn 6-figure income. Most people who work in the corporate world complain about inflexible working hours and stress. The end of their social lives is another side effect of working in a corporate world. Being a Freelance Writer, you are always free from such problems.

Freelancing is a good opportunity to live your life stress free and work according to your flexible time. Being a Freelance Writer, you can explore and understand the requirements of the field. In India, the concept of freelancing is getting popular, but a lot more is yet to be done. So, people like me face many challenges in continuing with freelance writing career.

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Now, if you have decided to choose freelance writing career, then you should know these challenges and develop the strength to overcome them positively.

  1. How home can be your office? – How can you work from home? How you meet up the requirements of your clients without going to office? These are some questions that people ask without knowing the actual process of the work. Email, phone, video calling facilities are the latest gifts of technology that brings the whole world together. Being a Freelance Writer, you can stay connected with people whenever you want. In your writing career, you only need a laptop, some software on your laptop, a good Internet connection, a chair, a table and electricity to conduct the writing assignments smoothly. You receive a mail from your client at the beginning of the day and after you complete the assignments on time, you send a mail to the client with all the attachments and you are done for the day. Now tell me, is it necessary for you to go to office? You can even enjoy the freelance writing from the comfort of your home.
    being a freelance writer
  2. Whenever I see you, I see you in front of your computer- This is a common dialogue in almost every Indian family. But, being a Freelance Writer, you are the most flexible person in this world. All you need is time management. If you have good writing speed, good researching capability, then there will be no more dead social lives. While working in a corporate world, you have to wait for weekends to organize or attend a party at your friends or relatives place. In freelance writing career, you are open to such options and you can have good family time without any guilt.
  3. Freelance writing is not a good career- It is a common notion among people that a good career means a stable profession with good income where you take a safe ladder to rise up. But who knows the future? Many corporate employees have already been sacked from the companies due to recession. Isn’t it risky? Did the family ever think of such mishap? No! In freelance writing career at least you do not have the risk of losing your job. You face new challenges every day and you become stronger to establish yourself in the freelance community. Being a Freelance Writer, you can set your work rates and maintain a long-term relationship with the clients once you get the market idea. Are you consistent in your choice of profession? Then no one can stop you in the matter of money and real life lesson.Also Read: Freelance Writing Vs Blogging 
  4. No security, No fixed income- If a man is a freelance writer, then it is hard for a girl’s family to accept this fact and marriage becomes a big question. You have two choices in this case. One, you can take a simple professional life, get married and settle down. Second, you can accept the challenge of being a Freelance Writer and establish your name. Later on, you can even start your own writing business and flourish as a writer.
    being a freelance writer
  5. What will I call you? – People with designation like software engineer, web journalist, and SEO specialist sounds really good. Isn’t it? Well, you also feel proud when someone calls you freelancer. You being a Freelance Writer is no crime. So, do not affect your psychology. Let the people say what they want to say at your back. If you are satisfied with your job and client numbers, then you are just perfect for freelancing.
  6. Sitting at home with no work- Rejections happen with freelance writers. But, some writers do panic and live their lives in misery and some writers consider it to be normal. At times, even popular freelance writers have to sit at home idle with no recent projects on hand or the quantity of work is low. Being a Freelance Writer, ups and downs in projects will always be there. People who do not understand work-from-home concept will never understand rejection or less work. So, this is a big pressure on a freelance writer. But, if you have patience and good communication skill, then you will get the workflow in no time.
  7. How to handle family and work? – Family members often complaint against freelance writer moms for sitting in front of the computer at home. But, don’t you think that being a Freelance Writer is much flexible than going to office and work for 8-10 hours? In that case, freelancer moms can make a “To-Do List” and easily make a time management for family, children and even for the work assignments.

Sometimes, these social pressures will make you feel bad and force you to search for corporate jobs. This is a moment of weakness, but it is your self-motivation that can give you the confidence of being a Freelance Writer and taste the success.


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