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Indian Author Amish Tripathi Biography, Novels, Marriage, Career

As sayeth himself, “whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history and not fortune-tellers” (Immortals of Meluha); the Raymond Popular Choice Award Winner Amish Tripathi has been inscribing a new history on the monument of Indian Literature ever since he set his hands over the same.

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Aged 42, AMISH TRIPATHI hails from Mumbai and has till date penned down four books. Immortals of Meluha, Secret of Nagas and Oath of Vayuputras are from the Shiva Trilogy which served as the foundation of the revolution in Indian Literature. Later, in 2015, he launched Scion of Ikshvaku (first book in Ram Chandra series) and became the highest selling Indian author by selling around 5 lakh copies of the same, and 3.5 millions copies of all of his books with a gross worth of around 100 Crores (Who said authors can’t be millionaires?).

More About the India’s First Literary Popstar: It was in 2013, during the launch of his third book in Shiva Trilogy, The Oath of Vayuputras, that Shekhar Kapoor referred AMISH TRIPATHI as the First Indian Literary Popstar. And with a writing style — so gripping and depiction of Indian Mythologies and their philosophies — so rational, he has touched the spirits of his readers and stood up to the title he was festooned with.

It’s not only his story-telling that took people by amaze, but in real life, too, AMISH is very humble and a vivid phenomenon. He is an active participant of Literary Fests and a frequent and effective speaker, too. Currently, he is on a trip to Srilanka and will be speaking in the Galle Lit Fest.

When asked, he has always said that all his knowledge of Hindu theology and wisdom has come from the religious family background he has been festooned with. But this doesn’t end here, once turned into an atheist, AMISH TRIPATHI ever since the writing of his first book (Immortals of Meluha) is a solemn Shivaist. Inter alia he was able to induce the aesthetic savors of Shiva’s philosophies into the youth cult of his readers.

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It’s a Fallacy to Think that a Good Book Sells itself: AMISH TRIPATHI, who was into financial services before starting his writing career states, “It’s a fallacy to think that a good book sells itself.” He strongly believes that the sale of your books depends upon the marketing and promoting strategy you settle on. And that is why in spite of being rejected by 20 publishers initially, he didn’t give up but gave the masterpieces, the promotion and advertisement they deserved. He knew time, and the hard-work harvested the best sale, an Indian author had ever bought for himself.

The Ram Chandra Series: Inspired from a mere question of a reader why people use the moniker Lord before naming Rama, the first book in the Ram Chandra Series (a prequel to the Shiva Trilogy), Scion of Ikshwaku became the highest selling book of 2015. Before that the Shiva Trilogy became the fastest-selling series in the history of Indian Literature.

AMISH confessed that he is still unclear about the total number of books to follow in the series. He presumed them to be five, though. Author also confirmed the launch of the second book in 2017.

The Wallet of Awards and Nominations:

  1. AMISH TRIPATHI was honoured with Raymond Popular Choice Award (2016) for Scion of Ikshwaku
  2. Nominated as India’s first Literary Popstar in 2015
  3. Nominated as Pride of India in 2014 and 2013
  4. Honoured as Communicator of the Year Award in 2014
  5. Honoured as Man of the Year by Radio One in 2013
  6. Honoured with Society Young Achiever’s Award for Literature in 2013
  7. Nominated as 50 most Influential Indians.
  8. Been nominated under top 100 celebrities of India by Forbes for 3 years simultaneously (2013, 2014, 2015)

Fiction Writer Rather Reads Non-fiction: In lieu of being a full-time writer, AMISH TRIPATHI is an avid reader. He reads 4 to 8 books every month. Plus, he prefers to read non-fiction over fiction.

With such distinctive approaches in his writing career and life, AMISH TRIPATHI has mirrored himself as a source of inspiration not only to budding writers but to the readers as well.

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Books By Amish Tripathi:

Upcoming: Book Review of Love & Peace by Abhishek Kothari.


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