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Indian Author Ashwin Sanghi Biography, Marriage, Novels, Career

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Ashwin Sanghi, the New York Times Bestselling Indian Author, fascinated by history is fond of mashing up history and mythology in the contemporary context. And Sanghi is spot on when he says, “I write to entertain and enlighten”.

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Author of eight books, Ashwin Sanghi is India’s one of the highest selling English Fiction writers.  Ashwin Sanghi states that he started writing around the age of 22. Initially, Ashwin Sanghi wrote for SOM Chronicles, a monthly magazine at Yale. Then he also wrote for Asian Age and after that Ashwin was approached by Cosmopolitan.

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Started Reading at an Early Age: Ashwin Sanghi started reading at the tender age of 12. Ashwin Sanghi says that his maternal grand father used to send him books every week. And in return, Ashwin was demanded to write him back on how he liked the book. Ashwin’s grand father festooned his Personal Library with a rich variety of 400+ books.

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As Ashwin Sanghi grew up he joined his family business. He thought of taking business and entrepreneurship to be his career motto. Who even knew such a keen observant of history and business will in future bring a revolution in the literary world?

Ashwin Sanghi

The Journey of The Rozabel Line: Author of the Theological Mystery, The Rozabel Line states that he had just gone on a trip to Jammu and Kashmir and The Rosabala Tomb in Srinagar touched him deeply. Being fond of History, Ashwin Sanghi started to research on the subject. He read about 57 books and spent a whole year on research. This led to the birth of multiple theories in his mind followed by an instinct to write a book.

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Ashwin Sanghi took 2 years to complete the book. When completed, Ashwin sent the script to numerous literary agents and publishers. Ashwin Sanghi was rejected by 47 literary agents and publishers.

Later, Ashwin Sanghi self-published it under the alias Shawn Haigins in 2007 in USA. The year went and The Rozabel Line  was published in India by WestLands under his Real Name. The book came out as a bestseller and was even compared with Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code.

Ashwin Sanghi’s second book, The Chankya’s Chant got an enormous readership and was on AC Nielson’s Top 10 for 2 years. And it was right then when Ashwin Sanghi’s journey of bestsellers started. And Krishna key was ranked #1 on AC Nielson’s All India Fiction Ranking.

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Ashwin Sanghi has also coauthored 2 Thriller Books with New York Times Bestselling Author James Patterson — Private India and Private Delhi. In light of being an entrepreneur, Ashwin Sanghi also authored 2 non-fictions- 13 Ways to Bloody Good Luck and 13 Ways to Bloody Good Wealth.

Ashwin’s Definition of Mystery: According to historical fiction writer, Ashwin Sanghi, when you take history and combine it with myth then you get Mystery. Ashwin Sanghi, undoubtedly loves to talk about history. Ashwin even quotes Spanish Novelist George Santayana to describe history, “History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren’t there.”

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Ashwin’s Formula to Writing: In a recent Crime Writers Festival in New Delhi Ashwin Sanghi spoke out his writing formula – The Flowchart-Spreadsheet Approach along with other insightful tips for the writers. Inter Alia Ashwin suggests writers to be thick-skinned to critics.

During the release of Chankya’s Chant Dr. Sashi Tharoor called is his writing style as the smuggling of Indianness past the immigration inspectors of English Literature.

Ashwin Sanghi also says that a writer’s first priority should be writing. Everything else is incidental. Ashwin is a strong believer of research. He says if you’redoing a lot of research, it’s easy for you to throw in more details and hamper the story.

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Awards And Nominations: 

  1. Chankya’s Chant won Crossword Popular Choice Award in 2011
  2. Nominated in India’s Celebrity 100 by Forbes
  3. Referred as Dan Brown of India

WP’s Conclusion: World Pinnacle thinks that Ashwin Sanghi’s unique writing style of having two parallel runs in a book is what makes him so special. His books though fictions are well-researched and well-versed.  Author Ashwin’s redefining of the quote “Write Drunk, Edit sober” to “Write when Drunk, Market when Sober” speaks for his Presence of mind.

His outspoken personality and appetite for research is what inspires us the most. And we are but sitting here, waiting to read Ashwin Sanghi’s next master piece.

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