Ashish Bagrecha: The Man Behind Savi Sharma’s Success

Ashish Bagrecha

Ashish bagrecha Biography

Ashish Bagrecha is an entrepreneur, author but he is popularly known as Savi Sharma’s Mentor. Savi Sharma is one of the most popular Indian authors on social media and she attributes a lot of her success to Ashish Bagrecha. Often cited as the marketing manager of Savi Sharma, Ashish Bagrecha has contributed a lot in making Everyone Has a Story and This is Not Your Story bestselling books.

Ashish Bagrecha

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Ashish Bagrecha Wiki

Lives in Surat, Gujarat

Founder at IT Crux, a mobile app development company

Celebrates his birthday on 29th June

First book: Loved, Lost and Lived

Website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon

Savi Sharma is the Sixth Most Popular Indian Author on Social Media

Why is Ashish Bagrecha growing so popular on Instagram?

Healing Poems: In a world, where love, betrayal, and inefficiency are killing people, Poems are helping people heal. Millennial are reading and writing like never before; never in the history, we had a publishing scene as thriving as todays. The advent of Instagram, YourQuote and Writing app by WittyFeed are making people write more and more. Ashish Bagrecha uses his Instagram account efficiently for reaching out to an audience who is a sucker for healing poems.

Ashish Bagrecha

Savi Sharma: The Vogue lists Ashish Bagrecha’s contribution as Savi Sharma’s marketing manager as an important factor in making Savi such a popular author. Savi Sharma often mentions Ashish Bagrecha as his mentor and guide. At a point, Savi even mentioned that “we are not dating” in one of her Instagram stories, which was quite a news for the followers.

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Savi’s Third Book: The popular author of Everyone has a Story and This is Not Your Story mentioned in one of her Instagram Stories that Ashish will be dropping clues related to her latest book since then Ashish’s Instagram account has seen a gradual rise in followers.

Loved Lost and Lived

This book is not a love story, it is about love; love which has the power to make you the best or break you the worst or sometimes both. Depressed, dejected and destroyed; Ishan has learnt many definitions of love in his journey of life. But fate teaches him more when he meets Anjali, the angel, on Facebook. Together they create their world of dreams, Anjish. But will the world accept their dreams? In the battle of destiny and identity; who will win in the end? What gets broken; differences or promises? Itโ€™s a story about how they loved, they lost and they lived. But itโ€™s not a love story; itโ€™s just about love and above all, the power of love.

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